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Footnotes: Well, i'm not impressed. I dont think i'm thinking in 3D to start off with, it just all looks so flat. I also really want to take the smile of of her face in the last 4 panels as she looks retarded, but I cant be bothered to do it right now. I like panel 4, I think thats a bit more what I was after, a sort of incidental look at a general life. What amazes me about cute girls inthat they live normal lives like anyone else to the extent that they get distracted, bored, fiddle with things. I touched on theis idea in a Concept Of Beauty where I noted that girls will drink the same soft drinks, eat the same sorts of food (generally speaking) and such, and her shes just sort of fiddling with her hair, its that incidental that i'm trying to capture, not the europhic rapture of looking in the mirror at a bunch of dressesas I have in the last 4 panels. However, after a few days and reading it through again I do think I got the timing right across panels 5-8 where she is looking out of the window. I dont think I calculated it, but on each panel she is definatly looking out of the window, which shows that its a story very much focussed on looking out of the window, which is fantastic really. Geez, I cant believe I really give a shit about all this, if I had a life I would have more important things to worry about than the timing sequence of a bit of half assed mediocre art work.

Its new years eve, and i'm super depressed. I'm wagering that i'll be single still this time next year, as I was last year. I'm fucked.