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Footnotes: I'm not happy with this page. Not looks crisp and bright and er, colourful, but theres so much wrong with it, forexample, the girl is supposed to be leaning against the wall. If you think about what shes doing, she has to be leaning against the wall, shes in a relaxed stupor, shes meant to be dreaming, but in the finished product she looks like shes doing aerobics. I know I could have made that clear in black and white, but in this version its all spoiled becuase its important that her emotions come across, and they aren't, she really doesn't look dreamy. In short, all this colour is distracting me. You cant see axactly what you have in front of you like you can on the drawing board. I must admit, I rushed the colouring a bit, but its so boring, choose colour, fill, theres no creativity in that. When you shade with a brush your really sticking your tongue out and squnting and applying the brush until it looks good, but with FILL you just pressing a button and you have to wait until its filled and if its wrong you have to undo, and its not intuitive. Maybe I need a Mac, but still, the point is that i' not happy with it.

Also, this is supposed to be a really moving peice of erotic adventure, a play into the pschology of a cute girl, but instead it looks like a bunch of snap shots from a Barbie movie. the colours are too clean, to sharp. With my brush I could capture the mood, with colour your guessing at the mood, guessing at that colour will express what you want it to say. Maybe I need to do more research. But in a nutshell its very depressing.

Also, the further down this road of colouring I go, the more I realise how good alot of stuff out there already is. I mean, i'm driven primarily by my passion to do it, and that carries me on a wave where I feel like i'm creating the most exciting thing evr, and thats key to key creating comics is good for you, I got that same buzz on all the other stuff I did, even Ant and Grass hopper which is terrible, but if you can envisage me then feeling like that was the best thing ever, then you'll understand at why I did it, and why I kept going and more importantly the wonderance of whats around the corner.

I changed all the wallpaper to blue, you can see the original pink here