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Footnotes: So I decided to try colour. I must say, i'm not convinced. The thing with a drawing board is you can see it right there in front of you, you can ponse around waving you brush about until its just right but with colour your guessing way ahead and making assumptions so its always half finished. That said I do sort of like this piece. I need to look at it a bit more really. I dont know, colour seems the way to go really, but i'm worried about departing from doing it the way I like in order to pander for a whim or a percieved need to improve my art. Colour seems so bogus. This piece took much less time than norma, mainly because the detail is minimal, lots of faces and such, but even so, the detail that is missing from the building is immense. When I rubbed out all the construction lines I was sure there would be o picture left at all. I think the thing is going to be percieving what the finished item will actually look like which I still cant do. All I can see is the story in my head, as ever, and the need to draw it is really a need to communicate that story, but now I am after a greater asthetic, and maybe colour will achieve that. I sort of want to fall in love with the image as much as the imagery (mental). I got the idea from some banners I did from some colour head shots and I thought, hey, these look really good, they looked so much better than the black and whites, and as I think these days that 80% of the story is in the female focus then it would make sense to move to colour if the girl looked good, even if it mean loosing alot of the background. The next 3 days will be trhe challenge, this was easy because all the shots were the same, but the next ones will have movement, room detail and more emotion, but I am impressed enough to carry on. I was half in the mind of putting the black and white stuff back on the boaard and finishing it traditionally if the colour went bad.

I dont want to say to much about the plot really. Its going to be very similar to Kent, silent, slow moving but its set in a contempory environment. I did actually have the first page of GET OUT OF MY FUCKING WAY on the board but I took it down in favour of this piece. i'm sort of feeling the need to focus on the sorts of things I likie, like Frech cinema. I want to immerse myself ever more in that world, or my version of it, I want to dance with these ghosts that i'm creating and record as much beauty as I can. I keep lookinback on my stuff and i'm amazed at how it can impress me, and i sort of feel like maybe I cant do it anymore, or that wasn't me, that it was a talent that I could never have, but the more I look at the progression in quality and story the more I real want to do more, I just want to read more and more forever and ever, like I read Fap Fap Fap and I want to see what else I can think of, not because its amazing, but because I really like it. Its like a series on the TV that finishes and you really want another one but theres always the risk that it wont be as good. But I think I can do it and I want to so here is the next piece. I think i'm going to try harder in 2006 to get more material out although i'm not setting deadlinesIts not that I want to, its more that I dont want to waste it, I want want Galumph to die as it seems to be going so well, but its still so much trouble time wise.I wont stop, but doing 1 a month is not good enough, I need 2 a month, or more. Anyway. I'm going to reflect..