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Footnotes: OK, another page. I think this page sort of ties it all back together really. Or at least makes the other pages sit in the sense that they should sit, that is, he is talking to himself completely here. He's been doing that through out. I dont really like the receeding 4 pages that much at the moment as I thin the timing is a bit off. I think this whole story needed to be much longer, but I dont have the time to invest really, and I think it'll suffice. I dont know, but i'm trying to catch some of the lunacy that alot of films do really well where theres a mad person sort of talking to themselves, hence the pan out to show that the room is empty and he's still talking. I'm also trying to get some on the nonsensical things that woul dbe said. I dont knopw, just that on many occasion I have had imaginary conversations, not saying that i'm mad, but in those conversations you say supid things like 'I Love You', and feel that that should sort of have some bearing on the situation. Not saying that those words are not important, but it seems to me that its an argument for a justification that doesn't exit. Like, oh, oh, we have to get together because I love you, as though that fact has any bearing on the immediate reality,plus all the other stuff, like I just want to hod you and such, its all drivel and rhetoric really I guess, but even so, to the distracted mind it can just pour out as something meaningful. I'm very happy with the art, especially panel 11, I knew after I had finished it that I had caught a sense of absolute failure somewhere in the line work. Also I like the way you sot of possiblely think hes crying when really hes not at all, hes just sort of quigding up into a ball like idiots do as though it'll bring it all closer,. Also I sort of like the effect that I caught, unintentionally, in his eyes in the second row of panels that sort of has this manic, almost pschotic excitement in them, like hes really excited aout what hes saying. The last page, will have him crawling up the stairs, and at the top he stands up and falls backwards and the girl catches him and says silly, then says do you think I would let you die and he says I know and I dont know how to do the lst panel but its got to be dramatic in a totally melancholoy scences. Ho hum..