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Footnotes: I think its important to develop a bit of continuity here so you can get a feel for the mood swings. Th emost intereting element of this page for me is that swing from anger to calmly listening to the girl. That wasn't actually intentional, but such is life when something unexpected pops up and I like it, its like his trouble has completely gone. I think Iwas sort of saying to some extent essentially that alot of his anger is driven through the apparent availability of sex. Ant quick search will reveal that alot of men get alot of sex which is very depressing to someone that gets none. Of course I took a tangent in panel 7. I always feel like i'm cheating if I dont spend two hours cross hatching and really cheating if it only takes 2 minutes to ink. I like this page, but its a bit late and I need to go to sleep..