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Footnotes: I have just decided that this page shows too much girly crying tooooo soon. It doesn't work properly. The girl vanishes and he starts blubbering like a big girl!!!, er, it doesn't make sense, I need more of a build up, perhaps sulking and brooding etc etc. But what the hell, i'm unlikely to change it now!!!!

So the plot thickens. I tried to focus on getting the irl right, but its hard. On thing I decided upon was getting the light behind her clear so that when she enters its like she is the light, thats why her detail is uncomplicated without shading and stuff. Dont know about the crying bit, that sort of sucks a bit, its supposed to be sort of heart rendering terror, but i'm not sure that I got it right. But one thing I did sort of get right was the way he stops crying when she comes back, sort of like a baby that cries until it gets it bottle, not that i'm suggesting that the guy is a baby, but she has the power to heal him straight off, and further more, shes being mean to him saying he'll always be alone but he doesn't seem to care too much to the extent that he doesn't get angry that shes saying that. I think thats sort of important because I sort of think that guys in general dont listen, or they dont see sense, like he cant compreend that shes a dream, or a figmant of his imagination. From the way I feel right now I think this is going to be a 6 page story as theres alot going on in the next page and even more in total so I dont think cramming it onto one page will work. ha, dunno, Xmas day. Its been shit. My year has been shit, I dont know what else to say.