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Footnotes: Well, I dont know. THis was another slow piece, I get to the stage where I agonise so much over getting the girls to look right, and that is important, that I loose touch with what i'm doing. I had alot of problems with proportions. I had to rub his head out in nearly all the panels because he just looked too big. I'm not so sure about the penultimate panel, shes supposed to look ethereal. I remember doing this in 1987 or so in Terraphobe, or at least the old, vanishing girl idea, the idea that shes there in your mind, but not in reality. I think the concet is exactly the same here only i'm playing it out. I remember in 1994 I was walking through the park late at night and I was convinced that I could sense a girl, it was like she was right there and she was asking me to hold her hand, and I held her hand, but of course she wasn't there at all, and I was walking rough the park with my arm out like I was holding her hand. I didn't make a habit of it, but I remembered it like it was real. Just saying really. I think personally I can get to vividly imagining that girls are there with me. The jerking him off bit is not supposed to me taken literally but is rather an analogy for close contact. I think that you can get a real sense that someone is there, you can feel them inside you almost. Thats why he cant touch them, but they can touch him. But theres a feeling that its real and you can feel them arrive and you can feel them leave, and you get to the stage where you want them to come, or arrive. You want to feel their love and warmth, feel their prescence. Thats what the next page is a bout, it sort of delves into his adiction for their company. It is based to some extent on myself, but I dont think I am addicted in the same sense, i'm just trying to place some sort of substance to figures of the imagination. THis whole idea has been playing about with me for a long while, at least since 1995 and Teraphobe. I'm taking it further thats all. Occasionally I can feel incredible dispair and at times like that you can almost speak to the dead, you can sense spirits, the folk of yore, the people that have passed through time. When I watch a Juliette Binoche film i'm often left with the sense that she is inside me, I can sense her there, and all I did was watch a film. I can remember vividly having a conversation with he inside my head and we were both by the river and she was explaining things. All this is conjoured by what not and is what i'm trying to touch on in this work. Th e next page is going to be really hard, but hopefully I n get the whole piece finishe dover the Xmas period..