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Footnotes: Falling asleep at the board at the end here. Those last two panels are probably way out. My sleeping pattern is way out I know that much. Anyway, I havn't really looked at it yet but I did notice that his head looks a bit too big like theres something wrong with the perspective and stuff. Oh yeah, its a bit rude, the words and stuff. Its supposed to be really. I've been thinking, and I think id be better off describing this as the origins of a wet dream, as thats whats happening, Merry Mary isn't there at all. Its not a fantasy or anything. I think I was sort of wondering where wet dreams came from and the idea that there was like a tooth fairy or santa claus for wet dreams just seemed too entertaining an idea to ignore. Now that this strip is done i'm a lot happier with it. I thought it was going to be a real flop but it seems to work, I guess. And Mary looks cute nearly all the panels which is cool.