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Footnotes: This is an incredible piece for more reasons than one. Each panel took about two hours to ink. So I was sat up until well, 6am in the morning. Anyhow, I keep the internet on and between panel I check my hit counter, I dont get too many hits, but i'm adicted to looking at it anyway. Unusually there was nothing from midnight until 6am when I got a hit on Crofts Trip. What was most unusual about that was that Crofts Trip never gets read, its had 38 hits in the last year or more. Anyway, I thought i'd check it out and it was interesting because I found this page Crofts Trip Page 3 which struck me at first as being an interesting contrast to this because there are 8 identical panels. I did that page in 1997, so thats 7-8 years ago. Now, you can see the improvement, but whats more remarkable is this. For some reason on the second page of this strip I got the centre line of the page wrong so the panels on the left are not as wide as the panels on the right, and I used that as a template for this page and I didn't realise my mistake until after I had inked the borders in pen and made significant way with the pencils. Then I noticed because there was a distortion in the width of the wardrobe, so you'll notice again above that the right hand side panels are wider than the left. Now heres the spooky thing, if you go back to Crofts Trip Page 3 you'll notice the same 8 panel layout using the same 8 shots, but bizarley enough, the same mistake, the panels to the right are widerhtan the ones to the left. BLOODY WEIRD.

Anyway, the page. I was dreading this page, I ran the risk of really embarressing myself. I do not want to do porn, this is not a porn story, its an erotic story with dramatic effect. So how to do it. Well, I had the choice of showing lots of different perspectives or shooting all from the same angle. I choose the same shot for all eight panels because I wanted to concentrate on the expressions and to bring the action to the minute level that you would in that situation where the brain is travelling alot faster than anything else type thing. Anyway, I think, and i'm hoping i'm right, that I did it well. I was worried that it just might look like a lot of wank, but really, I think I got the variation in expression on the girl just right. My favorate is panel 3. Some of the panels i'm not 100% happy with but what the hell. Basically, each panel plays an important transition in the whole process, and I think it works. Anyway, it was hard work, doing 8 identcal panels with that much detail was very draining. I actually did all the faces first. Once I was happy with the pencils I limbered up and drew all 8 girls so that I could ensure some consistency in how they looked, and then I did all 8 blokes. So before I started inking proper, all the important stuff was done, so it really was a case of just going through the process of inking 8 panels, 8 set of shelves, 8 beds, 8 wardrobes etc etc. The last page will be a piece of pie in comparison.