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Footnotes: Well, its starting to get really weird now isn't it. Is this illegal or what? Oh well, please feel free to not read anymore. I accidently got up today at 4am in the morning and by 5am I was sort of doodling, I had every intention of going back to bed. Well, here it is 11pm, 19 hours later and its finished. All that was done this morning were the borders, the lettering inked and 4 rough pencilled panels. The last two panels were agony but I was on such a roll. I felt like a marathon runner who was pushing some kind of new record. And I must say i'm very happy with it. Panel 4 was a nightmare and i'm still unpleased with it. The pencils were OK, but I changed the way she was holding the cover and then after inking a major amount I realised that it really messed up the perspective of the bed. I did what I could to recovr it but I think that the bed still looks two long, and shes tickling his toes at best...... Well, I suppose she could be working her way up. Well, I guess it'll do. I think the last two panels sort of work, I was a bit worried that they looked to different but it sort of looks like shes just got into gear. The next page is worse.