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Footnotes: This is a story that I have been meaning to do for a while, and one that I have been looking forward to doing, however, i'm not that well at the moment and so it's been a real struggle, and i'm sort of just thankful to have completed this page. It's full of errors, the panels are all sort of the wrong size, and the girl doesn't look anything like I wanted her to look. Oh, well, the show must go on. I spent a lot longer doing this to make up for it all, but I can hardly focus on the work, i'm not sleeping well and not eating well. For example, look at panel 5, look at the perspective of the door and the brick wall!!!! Other than blacking out the brick theres not alot I can do about all that, and her face is too long. It was OK at first, then I thought 'd improve it in my unhealthy state and I couldn't get it back...... I guess its not that bad, but still.... OK, so I went back and with a bit of tippex I managed to shorten the face on Mary in the first and fifth panels. I'm a lot appier with her now.

I'll not talk about the story line here for fear of giving away the plot, which is a shame because the storyline is the best part of it all.