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Footnotes: Dont know what to write here, but, I was kind of inspired by the this site and a picture they had of some young girls with signs saying GOD HATES FAGS. It struck me as being quite a powerful piece of propoganda. As a side issue, I really cant believe that such open and blatent hate exists by such people. They visit the funerals of dead US service men and have a bit on their web site about how good it is for a particular person who was murdered was was murdered. I really think they're on dodgy ground, but still. They do alot of photos of children with God hates this and that on their web site, its actually quite disturbing. Still.

This story. Its really about the internet and how I imagine the government has tried or is controlling it. But I just wanna go to sleep now as its late and i'm exhausted. Ha, so its uploaded. I sort of like it. It was better in pencil, the girl looks a bit stupid in some of the shots and its not entirely clear that the guys shes shooting at are innocent corporate executive. I love panel 12. I think it truly captures the new look and feel of Galumph that i'm after!!! er, yeah, i'm gonna introduce that girl into alot more of the story lines. I have been thinking about it and I think it adds to the edge of the story telling, like they're a team. And they're going to kill loads of people, like when they attack the Houses Of Parlianment and kill all the British Members of Parialment in a hate fest. Its gonna be so sweet. But the story doesn't reflect the image line, which is deliberated as per the first 3 parts, but really, I had no idea what I was going to do. I did at first want to make it a chase scene where Mr Galumph is chasing someone with a hand gun and runs throw crowds of people and stuff, and in the last few panels he catches him on a tube train and bundles the guy to the floor and rams 6 bullets in his head in true British democratic style. The dynamics of that would have been powerful, but I sort of felt more compelled by the leading edge presented by the God Hates Fags ensemble and their young girl banner wavers!!! The world is certifiably fucked up. As a further aside, I really hate the BBC and the Government. I think the BBC are the ass lickers of British Government, and as a tax payer I would like to see the BBC shut down on the grounds that they are big fuck ups. They strike me as being nothing more than open supporters of government sanctioned slavery, supporting anyone who is wet and owned. etcetcetc

Also, I just want to add that I do not propone violence. I know alot of my stuff is violent, but its just lines on paper, and it makes me feel better. Like Reservioir Dogs. I love the way he shoots the cop, its dynamic, and powerful, but it doesn't mean I hate cops. FULL STOP.

But back to the internet. I really do believe that the governmet is fucking with it. I see no reason why they wouldn't. As time passes I see the worker in England as nothing other than a slave. As I reflect more and more on the prospects of looking for work, I see nothing other than options for living under oppression whilst managers do jack shit all day and reap a nice house and family from it. As I walk around the townand watch middle class families being oh so fucking nice with their kids and being so jolly and such, I find myself becoming more and more aware of the complete injustice of the system where people slave away to payrent for a flat they will never own whilst managers buy and own their homes and fuck their wives and have children and what all that means. I just want to lead a mass walk out of Britsh Slaves where all slaves working for managers that dont pull their weight walk out, and the managers have to live in shitty flats in run down areas and marry foreign refuges that dont speak English and have to sign on the dole and then see how they face up to lifes challenges. Seriously, life for those people is so easy!!! I really cant believe what is happening to England. Its shit, truly.

Still, I dont know what story to do next. I was going to do the one about a girl that everyone jacks off too and I might do just that as it sounds like fun. But I really do have to sleep now as its 4am.