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Footnotes: mmmm well, I dont like the words in this. I think what i'm trying to say is that jobs are important. Its important that you get a job. But really more than that, its important that you have good experience in life and jobs provide that more readily by helping you meet people and stuff. I think getting good experience is critical in life and its that experience we live when when we get old. My life experience is shit, so I talk from a perspective where its more poignent. Reflecting on my past makes me sick. As such, with the need for good experience, through a job as a primary route, there are people that would cast judgement and stop you from getting it. These people do more than that though, they fuck about with your brain. They get a buzz from that. Not everyone, but alot of them. I think it stems from people who realise they cant do something, and because they cant do it, they take a pleasure in denying it of other people. Recruitment companies are actually second rate entities anyhow, and that has an effect. They tend to be teething grounds for wannabe big boys, clever enough not to be moving boxes in a warehouse, but too stupid to have a blue chip job them selves. Of course there are always those companies where the managers are ex manual labour, resent it, and try to ply every job hunter off with the most demeaning job they can. Whilst I agree that we all live together and should all work together in a caring society. Its clear that the assholes should do the shit work and the intelligent people should do the intellectually demanding work. But it doesn't work much like that. Theres an invisible wealth barrier. Some people, generally workers, dont like the fact that you dont work. They spend all day in a factory and they think that people who have a more executive lifestyle are some how fre loaders. THats the catch 22. Its hard to believe, but at the stage that you need work, there are alot of people that would rather you starve to death and die because otherwise its not fair because your clever and they're not. I used to have a term for a type of idiot, i'd call it, bus stop mentallity, but now I have another term, its Flatland mentallity. Its a sense of logic created by people that live in flats that sort of states that all people should wait in term for their lot, that you cant chose your friends, that we should all bow down and accept our blows. Its hard to explain, but I know it when I hear it, and it makes me sick, that most HR people, the people that hold the key to our future, as you would expect it, are in fact Flatlanders that have shit for brains. Stangley enough the recent quote for the week in my diary say 'few great men would have got passed personel'. hah, really, I think that sums it up. Its like they have one single source of power in their lives and that is over the people that have nothing, and want a job, and they exercise that power with absolute ignorance regarding their own competence. I'm talking about a software company looking to employ a systems developer, and them not giving you an interview because your experience is one version realse out of what they are looking for, or you only have 1 years experience and they are after 2.. In truth, they should be looking for calibre, capability and so much more. Years of experience means nothing. Personell managers know nothing about vision, genius, or the other qualities required in systems programming, and nor do they know much about any other profession. They are admin, they push paper and send e-mails. Of course not all personel staff are idiots, but there are alot of them out there. I sent of thousands of job applications and got nothing. The flatlander mentality decrees that you are what you do. So if you do telemarketing, then thats all you can do, but me personally, I can and always have been able to do so much more, and have prooved it time and time again so much so that I am so fucking angry that I have been ostrasised from society all my life that I could fume, to say the least. They try to say your too young for a graduate job. But thats what graduate jobs are about. They say your too experienced, or unexperienced. In short, they know what hurts, and they play on it. You'll write asking for a job as a mechanical designer, and I know about mechanical design, and they write back saying they dont have a vacancy for a telemarketer. They say that because its demeaning. Thats what all the death camp jobs are about, demeaning the person that does them, painting you a subserviant colour. I still to this day get people calling me up asking if i'm available for work. I get so angry, I try to play them at their own game by asking what sort of work they had in minds and stuff. Usually it ends up and its something like they had a position for an architectural CAD designer, an okish job, but it needs 5 years experience, so you pry, so, er... What made you think I had 5 years experience? You have my CV, you know i want that sort of work, but you know I dont have 5 years experience. Why have you called? To rub it in my face? I'm stronger today, but years ago I couldn't fight that, they would shit all over me, and I have a taste for revenge. I had one recruitment guy call me up and I explained that I was writing a comic strip about the evil of recruitment companies and would he mind being quoted. The conversation was short. But more over, there are loads of people out there that are opportunistic, they have their own freedom because dad lets them live at home so they dont have to work and pay the rent, they stay at home and set up a web site asking for personal details from thousands of innocent young job hunters, and basically cut their teeth on riding their ass. They might occasionally call companies up saying they have ideal candidates, but really its a sham. Moreover, they have personal details of alot of girls!!! The mind boggles. But really, this page is essentially aimed at addressing the importance of getting a job and the significance of being unemployed. I go out to the pub from time to time and you can spot the corporate caravans, the managers surrounded by the employees that dont argue back, whilst I stand in tormented silence. Fair enough, I could be more of a man but I suffer from incredible depression and find it hard to enjoy an incidental pub chat, but still, they are their, the corporates, the managers, and their employess, the manager getting big with his jovial voice, the employees laughing at all the right places, and the girls wondering if it'll be up the arse or in the mouth, either way they are only their to be fucked, or to display in front of those without. I dont think young people fully understand what managers are doing all the time. I know when I was young I didn't undersatand, I was easily passified and easily controlled, even when I knew things were wrong, I didn't have the comprehension to do anything about it, I was what I would call innocent, and alot of those girls are innocent, they think its natural to get fucked by their co-workers, and it is, but they dont realise that for the managers its not just love, its power and the grand trip to the top, they taking, legally, what is someone elses, in plain view of everyone. Of course you dont need a job to meet people or to achieve a reasonable life, but it helps, and more importantly, if you were like me and spent 15 years chasing a job you would be pissed off. Anyway, thats that. I cant be assed to type anymore.

I can remember when I was 24 and I called up a landlord in Bristol because I wanted to change my life and move oput of the shit hole I was in and she said, 'the unemployed dont move about', and it struck me as to how engrained the tyranny was, that she identified me as an unemployed person and denied me the right to escape a master race as though I were an endentured slave. I remember seeing a house in Grimsby and the Landlady said after I had had a look around, 'I saw you earlier with that tenants rights book in your pocket' and I was like, WTF is she talking about, and then I understood, she didn't want me there, but again, it was the tyranny of those in control keeping a relativly weak me down. I was young. She wanted to collect the rent each week by entering my house and taking it fom under the pillow, and I was like, No, i'll pay it by standing order. I only say this because I can see so much more cleary what has happened and how they cant do that anymore. With the internet the poor can find freedom. The reason I couldn't move to Bristol was because the ladlord blocked me. Now with the internet young people can escape by making friends. Its still not perfect, and for me its a bit late, but they cant do that anymore, and I feel so glad about it. Its like a true revolution where justice is prevailing. I think key to the tyranny is a slave owners ability to pin a person to the ground, by making them work 8 hours a day so they are tired, exhausted, making them perform mind numbing jobs and shielding them from the truth such that they have no desire to leave their town. In theold days you could only explore your home town, go to the local pub, and meet local people. People with jobs could go further afield which put them above the working class. All this combined to repress people, but now people can make friends and travel freely, sleeping on floors, and can escape. I can feel it. And I think most people will be thankful for it.