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Footnotes: I'm a bit bored with this already, its going to take ages to get through. Theres so much to say. I've decided that its going to be split between text and images, ie, the images will form a short story of their own whilst the text will create the overall narrative. One thing I do want to say is that it says that I havn't had a friend call me in 15 years. Its not 'exactly' true, but is still some what true. Its more symbolic. Firstly, I dont care, secondly, I could well qualify as having friends in certain peoples eyes, just in my eyes I dont. Thirdly, i'm really reffering to mobile phones, and i've only had one for 2 years. The idea stems from the fact that I see young people walking down the road chatting to friends on their mobiles, and even though I have a mobile, no one ever phones me. but the reason i'm bringing it up isn't to make me sound like a retard, but really to point it out. I think that if a person nevers gets any calls, and doesn't have any friends, then alarm bells should be ringing, you have a problem. But employers and people will not focus on that at all. They dont give a shit. However, thats not the piont i'm mentioning it here, i'm just saying because if I read that, i'd think, eeeeew what a looser. er, yeah, and rightly so, but, I feel I have to qualify it a bit more, to sort of explain the context, as I probably do have friends but i'm not easy to talk to. I think really, what i'm hinting at is I dont have a person to chit chat with, like you would a girlfriend. Same old crap, yeah, but as an ecologist studying an ecosystem would look for indicators, a phychologist would study a 'troubled' person and determine if they ever 'talk', in a friendly way to anyone. I'm sort of saying that in the Death Camp, the victims dont have friends. And its a downward spiral. It gets worse, Its a sign. Right now I dont give a shit, but 10 years ago I didn't know, I didn't have a clue, and its that 10 years ago person that i'm concerned about because they can be put back on the rails without damaging them. Personally I know too much for any sort of contrived friendship to happen. I dont like the wording in this page at all, but i'm sorting of building up to a greater meaning, its all a bit rhetorical, but I feel I have to set the scene. The shootings are of course outragous. I'm beginning to get a scense that my word is too dark for most peoples pallete. But, yeah, there is a definate issue. Right now i'm quite cheery, I usually am when I finish a page, but there are times when the issues I'm talking about in this comic are so real and so loud that nothing else other than the truth matter. Nothing other than the wrongness of my situation. I keep getting these flashbacks to 10 years ago and I see me on the street, looking for work, and I needed it. I've never worked, but I needed work, I was condemmed to the death camp, and I needed a job. Its not like i'm an imigrant who doesn't speak English, I was a highly intelligent graduate, young, and I ACTIVLY looked for work and all I got was pain and suffering. I was sent by the job center to be a handy man, I cleaned the floor at the supermarket, I picked glasses in a nightclub. All these jobs were shit and made me feel like shit. I needed something that would have made me feel good, something that reflected the fact I had just got a university degree. It goes on and on, the point is, I get so fucking mad, now, today, everyday, at what I see and how i'm so fucked up, and how it was not nessessary, and how it shouldn't have been and how its too late that I feel like dying, and its very real. I think the point is that I could have been happy, but it was denied me by the people that give out jobs, and antagognised by the people that torment the failures. The reason for the shooting in this strip is because it makes me feel better to read stuff like that when I feel really depressed, because it makes sense at that level. Those people represent the people that control our lives in a working environment, the people that force intelligent people to work with idiots, resulting in them never having any friends, and never having anyone call them. I remember talking the the Human Resources Manager of Computer Associates Europen Head Office which is located in the same village I live in and asking for a technical job. Instead he put my card in the sales area and I was interviewed to be a telemarketer reporting to a 19 year old girl that had shit for brains. I needed to work with computer engineers. At the same time I had an interview with Schlumberer SEMA and was interviewed by a retarded 22 year old black girl who said 'I bet you'd love to be in software Development', and I said yeah, but I still didn't get a job, I kept being shuffled off into the retard stream. but the point is, I can see now that it was clear that I was intelligent. I can see it in young people at a glance. I can walk into an office an I can see the bright people, and I can see the retards, and whilst i'm not a genious, I think that alot of people deliberatly placed me in the wrong areas when they could have placed me somewhere good. They placed me in the Death Camp, and I escaped. I hate those people. Even to this day, 15 years after graduating, I still get people calling me from recuitment Agancies saying that they have a job I might be interested in and would I talk to them. In 15 years they have never got me a job. All I have ever been offered is work driving taxis, security gaurd work, shit stuff, that anyone could do. They are insulting and have no intention of actually giving me a decent 'graduate' job. This rant could go on for ever, but the next page essentially has the hero walking up to a recruitment office and firing a rocket in through the window. The text will try to detail what I have described here. But I think the overall point is that if you are in the Death Camp, you are NEVER going to get a job. I sent off 10,000 CV's in 2003 and got fuck all. I have 2,000 rejection letters in folders. You only get rejection letters from 1% of outgoing stuff. The letters are from 1998-2004. I dont look for work anymore, i'm earning a living under my own steam and its put me in a position where I can see how the death camp works, how the tyrany in England is structured, and i'm going to chronicle it. I dont believe half of what I see. Real idiots getting houses whilst honest people get nothing but the lowest of slave wages and the right to rent flats all their lives. I can see the sanctified slave trade in the UK. The way people are settled and how they play with the young fresh faces out of school, engineering what happens to them, the end result being that all they'll ever get is a flat in a shit hole, and nothing but the reality of the lies they brought when they were young enough to do other things with their life but didn't because they beleived in the system. Fuck this stuff is probably why I never get any calls, but thats all too late. At the same time it'll make some people laugh. I guess. I have so much to say. Stuff like buy a house when your 16, fuck right and wrong, because the grown ups are already fucking you, fuck work, fuck law and order, fuck everything. Its like the big boys have the big fat looser template out and they want to spray the mark on you. I want you to stop that. I probably sound like a real fuck wit. I understand why peple talk to themselves, weirdos, old people, crazy loons. When I worked in the death camp the managers would gather around my desk talking, frustrating me to the extend that I would start cursing under my breath and talking to myself, then they would attack me for swearing, for talking to myself, and put it in my records. They have a million ways of doing it. All of them require one thing, YOU. If you are not there they cannot do it, and they are nothing. They are nothing already, believe me, but whilst they shit on you they'll be forever tormenting you in your head. If you dont let it happen, there will be no nightmares. It goes on forever. I'm finishing it here. Death To The Tyrants.