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Footnotes: Well, its been a while. This is the opening page to my story, Death Camp England. Its not actually anything to do with the main story, its an opening spread, aimed at setting the scene. I feel it worth noting that the text is quite extreme that last paragrapgh. I am relativly well off. Really, I have quite alot going for me, but its just a story, and theres times when stuff like that makes sense, so thats that. Alot of this stuff is repeat violence, but I thought this little sketch was a great opening. Its been on the drawing board for ages. Death Camp England is going to be about everything I have experienced over the last 15 years which has in essence left me dead. Its hard to explain, which is why i'm doing the comic. Whilst I do have alot going for me, and I shant go into that because it'll piss you off because your probably sensitive like me. But theres also alot of ain. I'm talking about pain that alot of people will never be able to comprehend. Its like people will never understand what it is to loose a leg until they loose one and then the whole argument is pretty futile. But, the aim of the story is to convey my story, and its going to be grim, and probably exagerated. I'm not trying to prove anything, i'm trying to lay out my argument and to document my understanding. As I have said so often, my comics are a way for me to explain to myself what is going on in my world. Thats transferable knowledge. I know it all sucks, but a while back I was soooooo depressed, and I was reading Partisan and it all made sense, everything, every word. That made me feel good. It made me feel good to at least know that in the past I had determined the truth and documented it. I think that knowing that you tried to do something to change the terrible things happening to yourself is important. Its importnt to determine that you knew things were wrong and you tried to change them. For me, and people like me its important to stand witness to your own endeavours to save yourself. Death Camp England will detail all the little things that I feel I have overlooked before. The story will be esoteric, but basically everyday I dwell on these things, everyday I realise that if I had a family, a wife and children like I always wanted I wouldn't be sat here dwelling on things id be out there living my life. I'm going to write about incredible horror of sitting here everyday dying when the cure to my pain is so simple, a girl, and yet so unobtainable for a number of reasons, age, repression, and my past. I'm going to detail how society has been set up to keep people like me apert from the tools required to reproduce, and to grow strong, an how people like me are ritually murdered like that in England. Of course, I have not been murdered, but in my minds eye I see little difference. When a person looses the will to live they die. QED. THe point is that there are things that employers, and enemies do to waste your formative years, so that at the age of 30 you are a vegetable. I see these people, they are dead. THey live in flats, they are surrounded by a society they cannot communicate with, and they are left to die, and the powerful get rich off of that suffering. I know, as it makes me feel good to see people suffer. But a person suffering does not see that, so under the old regime they would never have known. But know with the internet we can see so clearly that its embaressing. So death Camp England is a version of my history. Its worth noting that its not all over for me. I have a good life. Things could change quickly. This is a negative appraisal of a social condition because that is the focus of my story. Its not a true reflection of exactly who I am, only and aspect of who I am. So