John Johnson here, writer, creator & web master of this comical fantasy whatsit. I live in Kentuky USA which is a great place to live if you like idiots. No really. Born and raised in the US, i'm a real hick and comics is what i do when i'm not doing something else.

Hope you enjoy Galumph. I first started drawing comics in 1995, and first went online in 2001. I consider the pedigree and discipline of originating from this thoroughbred camp give me and my work a qudos and integrity that other creators lack because they went straight to the internet because the internet is sexy and they wanted a way to exppoit it as opposed to me that loved just to draw and capture ideas in comic format for its own sake and found the internet was just a great way to share it.

My work can be quite challenging, I believe, shocking, embaressing, moving and all sorts. In short, whilst not totally brilliant, I think my work stands out from the crowd, even though its had no real recognition. When I read each story I have created over the years I am filled with a strange awe that I could have done what I did. I wonder if maybe someone else did it, some one that was not me. I often feel sad that I have not done more, but I do intend to keep it going, and I fully intend to increase my output.

I think that alot of people will think that perhaps as an artist i'm disturbed, depressed, sad, suicidal. I just want to say that like everyone I have my ups and down, but its just the downs can be more interesting to explore. I also record the highs. I like to celebrate what I consider to be of value, GIRLS and to explore that which I feel is wrong, EVERYONE ELSE. I think when the dust has settled I am sad, I am a looser, I dont have any of the things I ever wanted, just second place rewards. Second place doesn't count. So I am bitter, greved, angry and pissed off with my lot, but its not an overall reflection of me. I am also very happy with who I am, what I have achieved considering my limitations, and content to go on. I laugh alot, but I laugh like a man on his way to the gallow.

I feel that I have alot to say about life. Maybe not anything that has never been said before, but I often feel I have thought of something on the limits of my own perception and so I try to capture those thoughts in comic form. I am inspired by lots of things including Leonard Cohen, Leon Roselson, Juliette Binoche, Jack London, Pink Floyd, Faulkner, Ken Kesey and many other great artists. I feel that they were all striving to create and deliver important messages and I feel the same compulsion. I get a real buzz when I feel that i'm nearing the mark, when I read somthing I have written and feel that I might have approach something great, and that if I keep on I might create a masterpiece. I really believe that, but I also know that when walking through the hills there is always a new peak ahead of you and the land you left behind is often flatter than you first thought it was when passing through it. Web comic wise I like Leisure Town and Cat and Girl.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy Galumph, wether your just in it for the ride, a serious thinker, or a fellow creator. My art is free and I feel thats the only way to be. I have gained so much from work that I found for free, or found very cheaply, a borrowed book, a taped album, a web site. So enjoy.

2017 update - over the years I constantly refer to this comic in my thinking. I beleive I have been murdered by the evil British police state. I believe ruling classes thrive on pain and suffering. Its hard to prove but things in here mena so much to me. In particular DOWN BELOW. I think of that nearly every day or at least when I start thinking about things like that. My point is that I have more that I want to say so that I can REFER to it. Like I refer to Down Below. Currently I am drawing a strip about how the manipulate social media to control and condition people like me. Just little things, but I believe this country is governed by an EVIL ELITE that thrive off of PAIN AND SUFFERING and will stop at nothing to achieve that at a grand level. I dont want to reant here, but after 10 years of not drawing, I really want to get back into it because I am desperate to express myself before I die. And this important. I believe they operate a TO THE DEATH SYSTEM. They isolate and silence people like me. They have an agenda, and if you disagree, YOU DIE. But just lastly. To put it in perspective. My neighbour died. He played loud noise through my walls for about 10 years but was there for 16 years. He died at about 70 or 80 years. Whilst I hated him, he was similar. I dont want to say much more, but here is what is left of him:

Thats it. Thats what becomes of some people. Its a skip full of everything he had, his CRAP music, his teeth, his shit filled nappys. I was struck by the loose BT bill I found on the floor which was a stark reminder that you have to take care of yourself all the way to the end. to the death. Your death. Only you can decide what you do with your life. THey engineer PAIN AND SUFFERING FOR YOUR DYING YEARS. Look at the skip. My comics will end up there. I am not asking for fame or exposure. Its is fine. But its in the understanding that that is how it ends that I FIGHT for PEACE in my own home. Does that sound like too much to ask for. Whether its landlords, neighbours, the police, criminals, kids, my home, the inside of it where I might ask for peace has been ASS RAPED for the last 30 years. The system is not there to help us, we are slaves and the commidity is pain and grief, to the end, and in the final years, in their 80's and 90's, they will feed off the pain and grief of those they have murdered in their time, and induldge in your final days.

It helps if you understand this. And I can see it.

As I write this, I am drawing THE INTERNET HAS BEEN MURDERED. I say that because the internet could have saved me. I could have made friends, or met people that WANTED TO KNOW ME and WANTED TO BE MY FRIEND, but that have MURDERED THE INTERNET, to ensure, people like me EXTREMISTS -(people that dont want to be ass raped by the govenment) cant make friends, to make it clear that people that disagree with them and their social engineering, DIE PAINFULLY AND END UP NOTHING MORE THAN A SKIP LOAD OF RUBBISH.

But before you die, you will be buried alive, in a social graveyard full of retards and idiots, people that listen to SHIT on the radio all day and look bewildered when you even mention it. In the valy of the blind that one eyd man is considered a lunatic.

Since I last drew I have writen MILLIONS of words, just like this. mindless rants, words are cheap. Drawings seems more powerful, more substantia. I want to refine thoise million words into drawings. drawings that I can lean on as truths that provide ME with a wellbeing that THEY would deny me.

I dont care how much they say that I am worthless, I know that there is a girl in the world that has the qualities I need that would LOVE TO BE WITH ME. Or even FRIENDS that would love to know me. The evil of the police state will always try to condition, but at the end of the day, the skip is where it all goes. If the propaganda on the media is unacceptable, films, hollywood, BBC etc, create your own. In out time, we have that choice, to create a beauty that will endure for us. We DO NOT HAVE TO EAT THEIR SHIT. We can create out own glory, beauty, truth and world. Even if at the end of the day it ends up in a skip.

Its difficult to go into, but that will happen to me. There is NO ONE to carry my works, or even read them. I say this because I want to say that I understand that. My comics will die. They will end up in a skip. My life will end up in a skip.This is how my life and many other lives are in England. While many people die, many of whom wanted to say somthing or offer somthing, it amounts to nothing. I say that because I realised that I am ostracised and surrounded by EVIL by my governemnt. Everything I have ever done has failed and has been trashed, ridiculed and essentially not allowed to be seen. the point is, these comics, and my works will end up in the same place. I guess I have 20 years left taking me to 70. Its a fact, people die. They start smelling and get ill. They go blind. I have failed. But my works have not failed me. I just wish Down Below was better drawn. Its strange, but my work gives me comfort even though it doesn't change the truth. It is the truth and it gives me a sense of wellbeing to know that I have struggled to carve the truth out of the gargantuan lie that is ENGLAND. The Evil that is England, that would deliberatly isolate people and deliberatly cause them pain and suffering on a structured basis. I do not think they will ever stop attacking my mind. The music they play through my walls. No matter where I move they ATTACK ME one way or another, usually with noise. I spent 16 years trying to get the police or council to stop the kids riding about on motorbikes. They dont try to stop it. Its governemnt sanctioned artillery. If I find a quiet spot, and person will immediatly move in that plays their television really loud all day. Its not accidently. As said, its hard to understand, but Down Below is my number one choice. But there are others, like the part in Partisan that covers how they cause distress, or the story of two kiddies. I dont know what to say but I'll end with a word that Isaac Asimov said, not that I know much about him, but he said, when asked what he would do if he had 5 minutes to live, he said 'I would write faster'.

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