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Footnotes: Cant believe how quickly I got through all of this. And yeah, i'm sort of happy with it all. Dunno, I suppose I can let the cat out the bag now that its complete, or at least talk about the whole ensemble. Obviously he shoots himself. I dont know. I guess what i'm trying to touch on is both how low lonleyness can make a person, but more to the point, what alcohol can do. I was on a jury at a coroners inquest a year or so ago and we had to determine how a person died. One of the questions I asked the judge was wether there had been any alcohol used. The person had comitted suicide. The judge said no, but it was a worthy question. What i'm sort of saying is is that there is a path, a road to suicide that anyone can venture down. There is a train of thought that can lead you there, make you see reason. Yeah, its weird, and its dangerous, but i've been there a few times. I dont th;ink its anything special and I have no intention of killing myself, but there are times, especially when your drunk when you feel like you just can go on. I think this story is very important because there is a power in suicide. I think once you start thinking about it its hard to let go. But its the drink that does it. I thought this story up one night whilst contemplating my solitude and all that and I was drinking, and I felt so heavy like I couldn't lift my feet off of the floor. The thing was I had only had two drinks. Anyway, I was feeling so bad I couldn't believe it. And its all quite real, its like a place, and in that place things make a different sense. Anyway, I kept thinking that suicide was the only option, of course I resisted that thought, but I still kind of dwelt on it a bit. I got up and I stared at myself in the mirror. All this happened in like 1 hour or a bit more. So I was staring at myself in the mirror and I couldn't believe the magnitude of my emotions and I figured, I gotta write this down. So I wrote it as this story. Then I went to bed. It took less than an hour to write, or draw, and in total I spent 2 hours or so and had 3-4 drinks. There was loads of drink left. I dont know. I think that people oscilate in their feelings, like they're fealing really good one day and the next they're at a low. That low is a dangerous place, like a boat going over shallows, you can cause real damage if your not careful. You would have thought that this kind of experince would have been the result of a lot of drinking, drinkg for a long time. I think its shocking really, as a story, which is sort of why it appeals. I cant help by being left with the need to say NO, NO, dont do it. Like at the end of Martin Eden. No matter how many times you read it, the end is the same. Well, dones done. At least I got to do loads of hatching in panel 5.