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Footnotes: I'm a bit happier with this piece. It gave me more option for adding shading. I still tried to keep it light but because the panels are smaller theres more detail on the page and the whole thing looks generally better for it. I think in retrospect that I really wasn't upto inking on the last few pages hence the poor finish. I'm not sure what I can do to rectify that. Still, i'm alot happier with this piece. I like the way his drinking becomes more dramatic. I remember laying these piecees out on the bed and reading them from a distance of a few feet and read like that, one after the other it reads really well, it sort of speeds up to the dramatic climax. Panel 9 is a bit odd but i'm not much fussed. The next page is really important to do well. I think the first few pages wont make a great deal of sense until you've read the last page. Its that sort of story really. Well, I think it works best that way. Anyway, I was thinking whilst doing this that Galumph as an entity is sort of based ocertain characters, of which I think the girls are more powerful. I dont know. I was thinking that if I were to discover Galumph for the first time it would be the girls that would bring me back for more. Afterall, this story and most stories with this guy in it are incredibly depressing, but the stories with the girls in are funny, entertaining and generally more worth while. I dont know, I think what in the back of my mind is that the success of Galumph would be drastically effected if all my girl characters went out on strike. Still. Just a bunch of thoughts.