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Footnotes: This is the first of many holiday pieces I did whilst on holiday. Its on American paper so its smaller and so takes less time. I feel really guilty because even though I took my time over this I inked the whole page in less than 4 hours I guess. I feel guilty because its so much cleaner than alot of the recent stuff. Even so, I think I did too much shading as it is. Thats supposed to be a brand new sofa, its supposed to be a really plush hotel room. It wa strange really because I dont feel the same need to ensure that the main character is pretty, i'm not sweating over every line of his face and stuff. Still, I dont like the way I drew his body lying down, it doesn't look right to me, but still, as i've said, its less imperative that he looks perfect. And hell, look at the time, its 23.29 which means this is a piece for June!!!!! Thats quite alot of work for June considering that I was out for 2 weeks. Id like to say im happy with this but im not. There just isnt enough shading.