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Footnotes: Hah!!!!! The game of twister.... What a crap image. I like the middle image of them all sat at the table, thats cool, but the bottom picture of them playing twister is just laughable. I know what I didn't do, I didn't pause to rub things out and replace stuff. These days I usually stop before I ink and think and will quite often rub out quite alot of work and do it again, but in those days I tended to be easily satisfied. Its a shame really because I really like the top panels, they really work. I think I should have put in more background detail. A sofa and a cabinet or something. I think back then I was also more interested in getting things finnished. It might well have been that I was tired and was trying to finnish the pencils before I went to bed, something I still do toaday. They might as well be in the middle of the M25!!!!! Obviously I was trying to get the most provokative positions as possible. And more obviously I missed the fact that the positioning of two of the girlsthe top half and the bottom half make it look like one very badly drawn girl when in fact it is two. The spread open legd do not belong to the Sailor Moon type character.