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Footnotes: Again, this is hard to judge after two years, but something I learnt along time ago was that i'm more likely to enjoy rereading something if its clear that i've put loads of effort into it. In this case, theres the table full of stuff. If I were to do this today I would also detail the background, there would be a window and a cabinet and a set of shelves and a plant and stuff. The whole room would be detailed because I know thats what makes a comic worth rereading years down the line. Strangely enough i'm working on a new Partisan today and I needed to get the old page out to copy the title banner and I had the work similar to this in age on the drawing board, and I couldn't help thinking that if I were inking that, even even this, there is so mch more that I would do. Its like it looks so clear to me that i've scimped on the detail. However, thats not really true, it's just I wasn't as aware of the etail I hadn't covered. Whilst I think I was struggling with the different styles, I also think that because it was my first attempt at drawing a continuity strip staring cute girls I wasn't as aware of what was possible. In panel 3 I would never draw a face like that these days. But its clear wha I had done, I had drawn a face with high cheek bones. These days the face would be far more rounded. I feel like i'm saying the same thing again and again here but just to reiterate, I think what I was doing was drawing the base features of a girl, so a head with long hair, high cheek bones etc, but I was not stopping to reflect or refine the image. In panel 3 its obvious that her neck is too long, that the hair on her head is too flat. Oh my god!!!!! It looks like she has hideous head warts or something. Those things that are supposed to be flowers!!!!