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Footnotes: Tarts is the result of me trying to understand what made a successful web comic. I arrived at the conclusion that people were after just one thing, sex. But not just sex, under age teenage hentai porn. Well I wasn't going to do that, but I wanted to take all the elements, and so after hours of reasearch I identified 5 main character types and decided to integrate them all into one farce. The story is meant to be both sexy and funny. Sexy because it uses the sexual imagry of other comics that are sexy, and funny because they are so aware that that is the reason that people like them, hence no plot. I also wanted to make it rich. well, I dont know, it's quite popular relativly speaking, it gets more views than anything else but, I geuss i'm not very good at drawing sexy, and theres nothing worse than scratchy sexy drawings, so it's a failure in my eyes, but I will continue, hopefully improving. there is no plot, each scenario is supposed to be some sexual inuendo after another and thats how it's going to continue. It's just titilation and I hope to master it without being sad or bad at it. Humour is the key word. The hardest thing for me is drawing the differennt character styles consistently, and i'm just not consistent enough in my draughting.