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Footnotes: I like the tree on the hill, I love the way it looks OK. I wanted something grand, and Ceder is always grand. I think its ceder anyway. The last panel shes saying how happy she is. I got that from the film The Unbearale Lightness Of Being just before they die. I wish I could die like that, happy, with someone. Just as an aside, I see no way that that truck they were driving could have possibly crashed into anything at all at that speed in such a way that they would die, but thats just an aside. This page is supposed to be an adventure through a time of happyness. Its like the Juliette Binoche film Alice & Martin. One of the best parts of that film is the incidental footage of places, in the sun where they are just wandering about. There doesn't have to be a plot. These are the features of true love plots like A Farewell To Arms. There is a certain prerequisite to that kind of love that most retards will never understand, and they assume that the reason you cant get a girl is because your not a man, but thats not the case, for these types of people, people like me, there has to be a feeling that is undeniable and if its not there then nothing is going to happen. I know that now, in older age thats a load of bullshit, but theres still a semblence of truth in all that. I know people hate it, they hate love and happyness, they'll doing anything to stop it, but claim the heavens when they're kind are courting, even though it looks like shit. I feel like a dragon fly, you get 10 seconds to mate and then you die. Well I dies. fuck. But your still a dragon fly, your better than a wasp or a frog or a pile of shit. If you are DOWN BELOW then ONE SUNNY DAY will never happen. I think I just made a very valid point there. Again the anatomy in all these shots is shit. If I did it again now I might be able to pull it off, or at least draw then cuter. Even funnier.