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Footnotes: I think you need to have better command over anatomy to pull this sentimental stuff off. She just doesn't look cute enough, and I think the subtleties should be greater, the timing slower, but again, it does its job. I really wanted to make it look like a sunny day. thats why the suns out, but i'm really trying to capture that sunny atmosphere, the relaxed nature of the time. I'm not too much into romance, but I think what i'm trying to say is that the guy can say what he has to say, just about, but for him thats a big leap, but it grows, they go for a walk, its a good day, its obvious hes going to do it, but for some reason he still probably thinks its a bit unpredictable. I dont know. What i'm saying is that he is doing something that is easy, but, and of course i'm going to rant here, if he lived near idiots and was completely stressed out that would never have happened, he would have been in a bad mood. Thats what they do, they keep you stressed with loud music, retarded people and other terrible things so much so that you cant think, and you cant do that sort of stuff. Its an important distinction. If he was working in any of the places I've ever worked in he would never have been able to get near her, or would have resented the way he was forced to go near her, hated the way he would have had to ask if he could go to the party that she was at, or tag along for the nightclub or such. Its a world where you just dont want to do stuff because the people are retards, but if it was different, you could do stuff. But I know why people dont want it happening, bucause then you wont want or need stuff, you wont want to go to their parties, or to the pub or if you did you wouldn't be a low life acting all desperate as they like it, you'd be a grown up and acting mature and important because your not desperate and stuff. I know it seems a bit lame and such, but all it takes it to meet the right people, but also to be young. I mean it goes without saying that these people are young. Young peopole are different. When your old the rules are differnet. I mean, there is no wonder. If someone stuck me in a room now with a girl my quantum mind would have calculated all permuations within 10 seconds and the question would be DO YOU WANT SEX NOW OR LATER, there would be no umming or arring or beating around the bush. Its not clever, or grown up or anything, its just the way the mind changes. I hate it like that. I prefer the age of innocence when you could wonder. These days there is no wonder. I dont actually like reading this as I know it'll never happen, but sill, i'm glad I said it.