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Footnotes: This was a story that I composed for the internet. I didn't really like it that much as it just didn't feel right. I'm not actually drawing for an audience or the web, i'm drawing for myself, and what makes it work for me is to have a complete set of my work in print at the end of the day to flip through. I like that, and thats why I keep to the format that I do, but still, its interesting that you dont have to scroll for this. I drew this as an excercise in thinking really. I decided that if you lived in a world where you had friends this sort of stuff might happen. It was actually based on something that did happen, by people that were friends, but when your with the enemy this will never happen, you'll find yourself always in the wrong place. Anyway, Its all about how this guy gets set up to be alone with a girl. I wish the anatomy was better.Its ok I guess. I find myself trying again and again to capture something thats so incidental, so pure. A time of relaxing. I remember trying to catch the wind blowing through the window, the curtains rustling, like some old time book narrative, tried to capture the spirit of the place, like trying to capture the incidental of what was on the table. I guess its a very studenty place, or should have been.

I think you go through life being told that people wont do it for you, or wont help you, but they will. There are people that will help you, I know, and when you know that, you can see when people aren't helping you. Like if these people can see that something needs to be done, then others can see that too. And if they can see that then what are they doing about it? Its not all that simple, but like most of my work, it actually means something to me, a symbol, a point of reference.