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Footnote: And so here we have the fantastic conclusion to this wonderful story. So there you have it, dont mess with magic or you'll become a tree, wow, so exciting. I think this story is so frustratingly lame its unreal. Its also worth noting that I think as a kid, and even to this day, I did and do believe to a small degree in magic. I dont really give it much thought, but if you go out into an ancient wood you can almost see it, touch it, imagine it, believe in it. But still, its just a dream. I do believe that man can do more with their perceptions, their mind and when pushing those limits they can do stuff that can only be described as magic. But its not really magic. Like a guy that can do things so fast that you dont see the tricks and just see what he wants you to see, like rabbits out of hats and vanishing cards. Its all one and the same. But I know theres more. I dont care to know more though. I think the whole realm of magic is infested with bullshit and bullshit people. I think it would be interesting to know how people took this story on first reading because once you know the end its not eally a shocker, but knowing how people took it on first go would be interesting. Wether it worked as intended or not. Not that I really care.