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Footnotes: This looks like another strip where I used computer lettering. Its also irritably 5 pages long if I remember rightly. Basically I cant remember much about this strip other than I wanted to do something that had a twist at the end, you know, like one of those weird stories. It has a twist alright, and its sort of interesting, and I think it works, but its still a bit of a dull story and yeah, the art is pretty painful. I'm looking at the guys eyes and at some point I must have switched from trying to draw eyeballs and stuff to just drawing dots. The border and such is imaginative I guess, I seldom try to be creative with the page lay out these days because of lack of time really, and it doesn't generally seem to add much to th story as a whole. I was keen to draw wooded places as it gives alot of opportunity for drawing a mass of detail whilst at the same time not being too restrictive and when done well looks really good, however, in this instance I didn't do it well. Really this is more an interesting insight in learning to draw than a page with any immediate measure, however, I have read quite a few web comics that have similarly bad draughting but yet work because of the underlying contnt, the subject, such as this stuff. I guess the first panel shows positive creative intent, the way the log comes out of the panel, and I was sort of thinking that the little bit of grass behind his right foot sort of works in an Asterix the Gaul kind of way. Its all about tyechnique, and if your trying to apply a technique then it should work. Much if the way I have learnt to draw comics has been by looking at other peoples work and activly duplicating certain techniques although most of it has been evolution, its a bit of both really. Obviously the close ups of the hands are just me copying my own hand. Of course the anatomy in general is quite weak. Still, for 1997 its ok, I didn't really do much in that year, in fact this might have been one of only a few pages, Iwas doing other stuff, not all of it drawing, but I came back to it later. ecause of that I think I was also out of rytheme, when you havn't drawn for so long you not so much forget, but you get out of the swing of it and link an engine, your only really warming up for the first two pages. I quite often go through phases where I dont draw for months really and you can spot it in the quality of the art, the way each page is completely differnet to the other. Not that i've looked at the other pages yet, but that I get the feeling that this work is a bit less developed than alot of my earlier stuff from some aspects, especially if you compare it to Graveyard which I think I didnt in the same era, I can tell because it also has computer generated and printed fonts.