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Footnotes: Its 3 years since I wrote this. I'm sat here on my own rueing having ever worked in the shit hole that is Harte Hanks!! I had a nightmare where one of the 'managers' was being nice to me, it made me want to be sick, he was nothing other than a retarded local boy that had just left school, and had been made a manager because he was no threat to their existing structure having no ability of manage people other than through force of will and position. Anyway, i'm looking back on the page and i'm really angry because essentially I was keen, and they had the ability to help me, or at least to treat me fairly, but they didn't, they shat all over me. That picture of me sat alone in the corner of the room is soo terrible. I mean, i'm older now, and I couldn't see it then, but if you were a manager for a cpany and you had an employee that did that, you would notice, you would either fire them or help them. They did far worse, they just let it carry on for 5 years. Haarte Hnks CRM Services UK is a joke. Its nothing more than a death camp for intelligent people. They are propogating their 'coorporate' ideaology and expect their people to accept it. They shit over anything that does not support it. They target the stupid, the asians, the foreigners, the old, the uneducated and sell them the hope of a corporate future, no matter what the impact on society is. Harte Hanks are pushing the international international agenda as though it were glamerous, and not just a repository for the stunted idiotic waste of an educated society from around the world. It takes intelligence to create a submarine, engineering, computing architectures, and that is where the international efort has results, but Harte Hanks pervert all that by bringing together idiots from all around the world who will spend their whole time teaching each other to say 'i',m a fucking idiot' in their langage and saying stuff like 'i'm from germany' and then everyone going,'oooh thats nice' like a bunch of static women, and their whole business model is founded on the fact that poeple wont be abole to see through the shit like speach impediments, the inabillity to articulate clearly, because they are foreigners or internationals, and they'll impress each other by talking about how how they can harass people not only in England, but also in Spain and America.

But thats beside the point really. I think that employers have a duty, and thats to protect their staff. There are limits, but being an employee removes a certain degree of responsibility from the employee as a human being and places it on the managers. For example, a person must take responsibility for their own actions, If they start a business where they create an obnoxious poisonous gas thats discharged into the air, they are responsible and taken to court, but as an employee, if they do such a thing under the guidance of the managers, even though they create the pollution, the managers are responsible, and if the managers are actually burning down your house they are doubly responsible. and if they see that your house is burning they have a duty to put it out. I keep an eye out on the share price of Hart Hanks stock hoping and praying the company goes under. Makes me laugh that they try to sell stuff like this : Harte Hanks Trillium Software Unveils Total Data Quality Framework to Turn Information Into Profit - Which is total shit. I know in theory there is substance, but what that means is that they have greater leverage to talk more shit than ever. Harte Hanks is a company hat requires their tele marketers to log all the times they get through to a voice mail, a company that will waste 2 hours of your life while fat moronic house wives, the retarded fucks of other retarded corporate executives, come in and give you a power point presentation on how to spell the company name. Meetings should have a purpose greater than celebrating the fact that they are being paid to be fuck wits and you have to put up with it.

But the nightmare carries on. As I cycle through life in my misery and rags, I have to see these people in the streets, or at least images. I quite often, and always have, gone to Heathrow for my R&R. I life it there as you dont have to sit there on your own like an idiot at the bar as you would at the local pub because sitting there on your own is normal, you could be enroute to the US or anywhere. but when you look around and you see the business executives, all I see are the fucking asshole morons from Harte Hanks jetting about to make shit desicions about killing people with their stupidity. To clear that up, I mean, you see business executives, and they used to look interesting, you used to think, hah, theres a guy from Rolls Royce on his way to an engineering meeting with Boeing where they will discuss important issues relating to changes in the design spec for the latest Trent Engine trust configurations and such. You had faith that those sort of pepole where doing worthwile things. But after the Harte Hanks nightmare, all you see are them and their lies, because they had people flying in from Belgioum and the US all the time, but they didn't have anything to say other than shit, talking about how they are wasting peoples lives. They should have to write reports on how many peoples lives they have fucked up. Of course they'll say they have improved alot of lives, but thats not the point. They pick up idiotts that are otherwise unemployable and make them feel like they are important by getting them to create powerpooint presentations about their comapny and sending them to Belgium or Spain, but its a lie. They are not doing anything worthwhile. THey'll manage 20 people and generate the output of 1. THey are third rate humans, and they should behave accordingly. There is no need for them to be international. There is no transferrence of excellence, no centres of excellence, they are collecting idiots, people that cant communicate effectivly and creating a global repositry of idiots. They Focuss essentially on the top 500 companies in the world, encompassing the top 1000 and a bit more, and that is that. They are essentially nothing more than cannon fodder for the real players. Completely ignoring the fact that most people are not in the top 1000. The managers live very comfortably off of the ignorance of their emoyees, regardless of the fact that they are a waste of human life and pissing the whole world off. Someone has to live next to them.

enough of all this shit anyway. I can not and shall not hate them forever. THey had a chance to help me. I even presented a very comprehensive report on how they could make the place a better place to work. After all, Marketing is actually a reasonable and serious business and can be approached professionally, but they said they would not support me if I didn't go with the flock. They would not promote me because I might upset the managers. Those are both real quotes. I intend to piss them off for the rest of my life by drawing comics based on them, simply by reiterating the truth. There are many people that have suffered in lief at the hands of one system or another, and as crap as it may be, they get qudos for not forgetting. People that remember the Rumonian genocide by the Germans a hundred years ago and are still campaigning for justice. If we forget, they win, but the internet is powerful, and Harte Hanks is still puporting itself as an employer of graduates only to have them do telemarketing I will continue to 'not forget'. Anyway, it makes me feel better to justify my terrible position in life. And in part I blame them. Its not all their fault but they fool people. Like victims who go to thepolice and then get molested by the sargent, you dont expect that in a civilised society, you expect help and support, not proactive demolition of your career and life to that of sack of shit living on your on capable of doing notyhing more than manning a phone like a retard whilst managers walk around like gestapho commondants that are welcome and such.

I guess i'm looking forward to the time when Harte Hanks pulls out of the UK due to local unrest, and the managers are forming an orderly queue at the job center, reporting on the number of times they have been asked to fill out applications to be a caretaker for an abandoned building.