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Footnote: So, in the knowledge that this is basically the last page I have to do before Galumph 22 is finished, I sort of sped things up a bit. I kind of enjoyed drawing this page. In essense I have always sort of thought that Partisan is a sympathetic character, in most of the stories you can sort of sympathise with what he was doing. Anyway, I was thinking things through and I thought it might be interesting to show him doing things for which the readers sympathy should be challenged. In short he kills three times without waring, in cold blood, twice in ways which would be outlawed under such absurdities as the Geneva Convention. So the aim behind this was to show him poisoning people in their sleep, shooting people without warning (you only loose hero points for that, not common sense points) and planting a bomb. The las one, the bomb in a pub is interesting because i'm sure that the French Resistance did that all the time and yet they are generally a sympathtic bunch because they were fighting the Nazis. But if you extrapolate our freedom fighters to todays times it doesn't look so good.

Also, there is another reason or facet to the story. I guess I get my ideas from my experience in life and in particular working in shitholes. I see the parralell between an open office environment and the dormitary as one and the same. My experience of open office environments is that yousit still and work hard whilst a fucking asshole boss from miles away wonders around looking smug like you actually like them and your not working there because youhave no choice. The way I see it, they are poisoning people in their sleep. And by sleep I mean people that are young and whose minds are not yet open to the visions that my mind sees. Young people are asleep, and if they work in a warehouse or open office and some cunt wonders around looking all in control the young person who is pschologically asleep just accepts it and is trained to smile back, to be nice, but when they wake and realise that that was theft, that they will never be a boss because that is what the boss is doing, wandering around branding you as the worker, you die somewhat inside. Thats the poison. I see the parrelell there. As such, the next page is trhe truth, if I could stand up and walk and talk and get out of the chains that you use to bind me and suppress my free thought, (of which there is none in England) then I would kill you. I dont support you but you act as though I should be greatful for my existence to you, but I am not. I do understand money, and sure, if we went back to barbarian times thenit would make sense, but we dont live in barbarian times, there are frameworks that govern our lives, we have to drive on the left hand side of the road, we have to do certain things, not kill people, and all that, and part of that subliminal structure states that we have to get jobs and that there is a reason for getting a job, but when we are forced to work we are dying on the inside and that death wl accelerate as we grow, like a cancer. As such, we are better off not working. But that boss is walking around, doing nothing but justifying his existence by saying that he is responsible for the good welfare of all those in the immediate environment around him and thus justifying his wage, his home and everything that he gets as a result. But in a modern world, if he were labelled for what he was, a murderer for it is the same thing, then he would theoretically, by rights be in prison.

In short, what i'm saying is that young people are asleep, they believe in a language that states there are jobs and hope but by accepting those conditions they are actually loosing all hope and committing themselves to a lifetime of possible nightmares. It makes senseto me even though it is subjective. I find it hard to explain, all I know is that I hate just about everything about my past for reasons that I cannot explain.

Next strip, 'Might As Well Be Dead, which completes Galumph 22, and then 'Please Kill Me', which is actually another girly adventure into cute erotisism.