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Footnote: This was a real toughy. The first 6 panels were easy enough, then I got to the 4 panel shoot it up. To start off with I sort of screwed the timing up a bit. I think that the first of the 4 panels should have been of him busting through the door, its a bit unclear that hes actually shooting those guys. In my mind I knew what I wanted. After he finished gassing the guys in the dormitories he goes to the gaurd room, kicks open the door and shoots everone dead, then theres silence as a bottle slowly rolls across the table and smashes on the floor. However, I think my timing and pacing is off in every regards in this page, especially the botom half. To start off with, I spent ages just trying to get the guy to look like he was shooting!!!! I just couldn't get the anatomy right. I rubbed it all out at least ten times. Even now it sucks. I guess its not too easy to get dynamics and attitude right, but he just doesn't look like hes burst through a door, he looks bored and like hes opening a stupid umbrella. Plus the background wasn't originally supposed to be solid black, it was supposed to be shock lines but I scred them up so much in the first two panels that I gave in and filled the panels in. In fact, I was going to start again on the bottom half of the page and just paste the too halves together. The page was so messed up from rubbing out their faces that the final work is a dark grey, not white, and you can see where the scanner has picked it up. I edited most of it in the graphics app but I didn't get all of it. Then in the last row of panels, i'm not sure if its clear that thats a table with a dead soldier sat at it, or whether its clear that thats a bottle rolling off of it? I dont know. I dont know why I struggled so much with this piece. I think the problem arose then I inked in the panels. I sort of knew he was going to finish off in the dorm then rush to the gaurd room and there would be a shoot it out so I put the shoot it outon the third row. However, I think either panel 6 should be in panel 5, or that, as I have said, panel 7 should be of him kicking in the door. Oh well, hopefully the nxt page will be better!!!!