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Footnote: Well, its been a whole month since I updated. I was getting worried. I have been VERY busy which is good news, but I had almost forgotten how balancing drawing is. I sort f think that drawing is saving my life, bringing me back to a place thats calm and relaxed. hhhmm. Well, of course this is a sinister page. One of the main things about this episode of Partisan is that hes ding things that are questionable. Of course, hes always been a bit questionable, but at the same time always been a bit of a sympathetic character. You know, you can sort of unerstand what hes doing. But here, hes killing in a way that I believe is against the code of the Geneva Convention as we know it today. Not to say I thought this up, basically its a rip off from the film Wild Geese. I'm finding myself more and more in the position that I need to sort of justify what i'm doing. When I was a kid, Wild Geese was a great film. Somthing about the location, DPM in Africa, Richard Harris, Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Richard Burton. All TOP NOTCH BRITISH ACTORS. What they did in that film was incredible. I sort of wanted to replicate that a bit. Art wise I think it was a struggle. I love creating, but its still only occasionally that you get that huge buzz that makes it worth while. Most of the time its a slog. Still, i'm happy with it in general. I wanted it to appear dark, which is always a hassle because I never know when to stop. I find that before too long all you can see is that cross hatching. Still, I think I have a convincing balance. What makes it harder is the DPM, or camoflague of his clothes because it actually works in comics too and you cant see him. Still, the cross hatching allowed me to blur out any odd anatomy and perspectives!!!!