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Footnote: What to say. Well, i'm sort of happy with the script. This page sort of reads real well. I didn't feel inspired story, it was like I had been thinking about it all for so long now that its become boring. Not that the story is boring its self, just that the ideas were created a long time ago. The only reason i'm doing Partisan now is because i've done so much tripe recently. I dont know. Courtisan was a good idea at the tim, like a story that I wasnted to get under my belt. I have three silent stories under my belt now, so thats all done, but they lack the impact that the narraitve offers. Problem with this was how do I as something powerful, meaningful and make it so that it doesn't sound like shit. I figured that the first page should be a sort of leading narritve to sort of justify three pages of violence. Or lead up to it, get the reader to sort of understand the motivations of the lead character. Theres a twist in this story, seems boring to me now, but I shant say more about that until the story has revealed it. I actually really like the art here. The major challenge was to make it look dark without blocking all the detail out like I did on page 3 or 4 of Kent, the outside view, last panel before main outside page. I think I got the camaflouged clothing just right, and panel 5 looks really nifty in real life. A bit bleary on the web, but still. Had alot of trouble with panel 4 doing the legs. Initially his legs were together, its easy to do it that way, but I thought I would try to get a little more dynamic to match the dynamics of panel 5 but it kept looking like he was running directly from left to right which his body as going in the 5 O'clock direction. I sort of had to force myself to do this piece as its been a few weeks now since an update, im really busy. It might be a while before the next one as well.