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Footnote: This is a weird piece for me. I find it hard to seperate the words from the pictures, but really, the words have little to do with the pictures. The dialogue is supposed to be hidden in the drawings. There are supposed to be thoughts inside the lines. The pictures are supposed to give you thoughts. I like most of these pictures. I've been thinking alot about my youth and what I value from it. I guess this is a product of those thoughts. Theres also more to it, but thats a secret. I've tried to keep the line work in the face to a minimum. I've been doing that for a while now. It makes the faces look crisper, cleaner, prettier. It goes against the grain because I always want to add more detail. Well, I had fun drawing this. I cant help geing distracted, after all i'm in the middle of Partisan at the momnet, so this is a spur of the moment interlude, weird. I love the title. I look forward to seeing what I think about this piece in a few months time!!!!