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Footnotes: hah. This is an interesting piece. There was a guy that was doing a compilation on peoples favorite British comic characters something that would not ordinarily appeal to me, but because I have always liked that second world war Commando type comic and I happened to be referencing alot from the Lion annual, I think it was Lion, where there were 3 stories about Trelawny of the gaurd I decided that I would be Trelawny. I dont actually like war that much, but theres something rich about all that stuff, the trucks, putties, the tanks and planes, the Germans and their ACHTUNG ACHTUNG HIMMEL SPITFIRE TOMMY etc way of talking. The soldiers were all so rugged, it is quite funny to see. I'm also interested in the whole mentallity of the second world war, they way we used to have action men as kids and stuff like that was quite normal were these days theres no such thing as action Man Desert Storm, and Action Man WTC Terrorist. Times have changed so much. To me it all symbolises the effect of the media on the subconsious of the Britiush public. Really, bodies like the BBC really had a major part in British life, and the toy companies, and of course, COMICS. We grew up on action man this and action man that, reading commando comics. It was quite OK to kill Germans. Death and murder was quite OK if it was for King and Country. These days most people actually hate th military. I think there is a general cponsensus that most people dissaprove of military activity overseas, which I find funny. I personally fully support warefare in all forms, both as British intervention overseas and as domestic terrorism. Its all one and the same. I'm not saying its right, but its critical in the evolution of man. critical in understanding why there is nosuch thing as justice, and critical in understanding that yes, they are all murderers and thieves and thats life. Makes me feel better about being me, not that I would murder, but I am quite happy to not give a shit. Ayway, I think most people actually dont like soldiers because they are actually getting paid too much. When I see soldiers on the internet I see human beings that are earning a frtune, and I see the wars as simply methods for them to do that. Whenever chaos breaks out the fat cunts of warriors are out they prooving that yes, they do have assholes. But what I find most interesting about this whole area is that the controlling forces of the media are dying. For years we have been told what to think, and because we have never had the channels of communication that we had before we have never been able to throw off those shackles of mental (insert word for what you put on horses to control them, like reins) controls, but now we can blog, or draw comics. And I think its quite clear that the media is dying, and good riddence. I think that the media has been traditionally based on all that is good, but controlled by morons, alot of them women. There is an underlying essence to reality, and thats to grow and to amass welth and personal empire. As such the people that control, for example, the BBC have taken the reins on what is good and right, reporting and presenting information on the state of the world and changes that are of significance etc, and they have perverted it to reflect the will of the state of the country and of the government, but not the will of all that is right or good, the perverted will of the governemtn where black people are deemed equal even though th are as much a minotity as welsh people and 50% of daytime viewing is not in fucking welsh. Im dawldling, but the point is, stuff like Trelawny of the Gausrds was propoganda to make us qyuesoin proper questions, but actually giving us the awnsers in such a way that they could not be denied, for example, that acting bravely was the thing to do and the reason Trelawny was a big strong man was because he was brave and honest and virtusus, arguments and awnsers that cannot be denied, but it doesn't mention the hand of god, it doesn't mention breeding or talent and it doesn't mention all the dead or those that were wounded trying to fight to preserv e freedom. It doesn't mention the insanity of the first world war and the genocides and terror that took place, the gas, the blatent murder of trench warefare where there were no heros. All that said, I do actually like Trelawny, and it is supposed to be a funny story, but thereare a few things that are aimed at being more than jokes, like in panel 1 where he is SAVING THE LIFE OF HIS PAL, by MURDERING SOMEONE ELSE. This small mathematical equation is important. They are on the battlefield, dancing before the gods, who is to say at that moment who is stronger, or better than the other? They are just playing a game. I really dont know what they thought in the heat of battle in the second world war, and i'm sure that there were alot of quiet times and times for thought, but morality and justice were probably not big factors, they were boys fight with big stakes, taking life, killing, all at the command of....... THE GOVERNMENT. These soldiers dont know what they are doing right there and then. They are killing anyone they can in the field of battle. I think the geneva convention details all that is right and wrong in warefare.

I dont know, i'm wittering, but in short, material like Trelawny makes me laugh. Peace and happyness delivered down the barrel of a gun.

Aso, just as a note regarding something I said above that I cant quite remember, but I think that its not good that the traditional media is dying, thats not what i'm cheering about, i'm in favour of the actual people expressing themselve, and i', not talking about all people like in a communist manner, i'm talking about all poeple that would make themselves heard are now being heard because of the internet. I think it is quie clearthat there is a swaythe of intelligent people that put very strong arguments across for stopping war, and istorically they would all be repressed and silenced and labelled as subversives and strange, but now they can each sing their disdain for it in rational sentence. Even if it is festooned with speling mistakes. But more importantly, those that actually support war are actually demonstrating themselves as morons. You can see it all across the internet, people supporting the troops because.... the arabs are ASSHOLES.... er, yeah, the arguments are compelling, the rational being their argument unquestionable. But in the real world, those morons, rednecks, bullyboys, jocks, would all be suprememe because they base their strength in the real world, they force you to shut up, but in cyberspace, were people are forced to think they reveal themselves as retards, idiots, people that act without thinking. They might be right, they might be wrong, but its so clear to see. Women that wave the patriotic flag because...... thier boyfriend is a marine. Right, that justifies genocide, the fact that you want to suck cock for a living, the fact that you want his big pay cheque when he gets back from being an adult and murdering real people. What i'm saying is that most people that support war are actually doing so with little reational reason, but those opposing it are doing so arefter deliberation and thought, and there are more of them, its only government and commercial sponsored media that sustains the notion that troops anywhere is a good thing. Heres the paradox, I actually beleive in warefare as a good thing. But I can also see all the stupidity. We need to defend ourselves as people, we nned to maintian that right, and the right to be free, to help were help id needed, and where that involves war then so be it. In England we donr have guns, which means that people are scared in their own homes. In America people can kill burglers, it is easier to defend yourself. In england we are breeding victims and retards, people at think defending themselves revolves solely around complaingin to the council. I'm not saying that people should kill other people, i'm saying that there is a differnet rational. When people have the ability to defend themselves they grow strongers and better and happier. War is a natural extension of all that.

I'm really wittering. Just as a last word, i'd rather play action man than homosexual man. But i'd rather play barbie dolls than action man. Thats me.