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Footnotes: This is a funny story. I dont really like this, although I enjoyed doing it. This is a great example of before the internet. I had a book on pornographic writing, or really a book of lewd words. It wasn't really traditional porn, it was more arty, I saw it on a friends shelf and when I saw it in the shop I brought it. I dont have it now. But of course it was a major investment as it was porn. ooooh, it was rude. Geez, soo before the internet. This stuff is so lame. But I read a few of the stories and some of them were quite good. Most of them were classics, the story of O, Burroughs and a few people like that. I think I wanted to do something and this was pretty much written as you see it here, it was short, and a play written peice with these two characters talking about what they are talking about above. Supposedly written in 1655 it sort of made me realise that they have been doing stuff like that forever. I guess i've been sheltered for mosdt of my life, but I was being adventuros by doing this. I was sort of doing somthing that I thought was interesting and strangley strange. Yeah, there was a time when I thought that doing anything involving women was sort of frowned on. In fact the whole idea that I could be controlled by frowns actually makes me angry, as I was really, again before the internet things were totally different. Now i set my own standards, but anyway, back then this was an experiment and it pushed the boundries. It was sexual but not explicit. I have never liked explicit. The sort of erotic proise that talks about Janes huge tits wobbling fersly as Mary rammed a large banna into her cunt repeatedly is not really what appeals to me. I find the finer subtlties of erotic prose to be more appealling. The story of O, sort of rings a bell and there was a story about a woman that was massaging a young girl and they got as far as subliminly fondling breasts and twanging knickers, but that was it, and the whole episode was far more enthralling. The fear of flying was also in there if I remember rightly. But this story seemed the most appropriate as it required the least effort in interpretation as it was already written in play format. In retrospect I seem to rememer it taking forever to write as there is so much text, and that is all there is, the pictures of the girls are hardly erotic and certainly not arousing. I wanted them to look 1920's as thats where I saw it taking place, I dont know why when the date say 1655, but there you go . The 1920's has always struck me as being an erotic period, the perfect mix of wealth and decadance. I also reember taking ages over getting the wall paper done right. I guess in retrospect I was also being adventerous with the characters as they were certainly syalised, not like my regular characters. I think I had in mind the image of two proper ladies talking, over tea perhaps.

Yeah, so read it if you will, it takes a bit of time, and place it from another era. Before the internet. Geez, no one needs to be told of what you can get on the internet now. Makes me laugh in a sad way really.