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Footnotes: I did this strip with computer fonts, thick heavy outlines and I dont know. I kind of like it. It was a story I thought up that I thought was funny. I think the punchline still sort of works. Considering the year, 1998, I think I did well, its probably on par with stuff i'm doing today. I was trying to move more towards charactuturing, being less intence about the fine detail of the face and such. Of course, it has the hippy mohawk in the second panel, I hate that, symbolic of my mental pestilence really that they as a minority were suited for appearing everywhere. I am impressed by most things though. The title for example is quite good. The background makes this an easy story to do really because the darkness makes everything seem so much more appealing, the heavy use of black. The anatomy is still quite weak, and the linework and shading is still light, but in all i'm impressed. 1998 was a shit year, I cant remember much about it but it was still shit I can extrapolate. I have never tried computer fonts since, They are far too much trouble. I think I drew the whole story out and then printed the words, cut them out and glued them to the main page, cutting out the speach bubbles and everything. Oh well. fun fun fun.