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Footnotes: This is a strange story. I have always liked those Bedford army trucks and the gritty nature of that genre. I can remember an episode of the Professionals on TV in England where they had these guys loaded up in the back of one and they opened fire on some guy driving behind them, it was weird really, theres something appealing about old second world war stuff, and I sort of wanted to convey that here. The fact that its blowing up a police helicopter is almost irrelevent, I mean what else would you do with a surface to air missile? I guess you could blow up a plane? But still, its also about capturing the greater substance of resistance, like there are people in England resisting the occupation of their country, which is pretty much where we are, but thats another matter. Its interesting to note that this is before the internet and I did the truck from memory. Another great truck film is The Wild Geese where they have a cool army truck scene on a bridge. I like the truck because its underrated. Most of the limelight goes to the tanks and tracked vehicles adn the truck is almost forgotten, but its still a formidable vehicle. Some people have said that its unclear who is blowing who up? In the first panel I also wanted to capture the essence of the workshop which in its own right is a magical place, but further top capture the rittyness of that, like a place where man can truly be inventive. You can do so much from those sorts of places. Fair enough, its not a great picture, but its what I had in mind, or at least I had in mind to do a great picture of the inside of a shed, but drew something thats hard to figure out. Anyway, I like it. It was really just an idea, a one off, I probably saw a police helicopter up there and those things really piss me off. Its not the fact that they are trying to protect us, its the fact that I always thought that they were hassling me, like they always appeared at the wrong moment. In fact I hate the police, they have never done anything good for me and their number is made up of those that would harrass us anyway, would be managers and the like. They are one and the same. etc etc. I could go on forever about how I think the UK Police are crap, but thats not the point of this page.h