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Footnotes: This is actually one of my all time favorites, I dont know why as the art is really bad. Its the lyrics from a Leon Rosselson song called THE ANT AND THE GRASSHOPPER. I sort of like it because there is a moral. I think i'm pretty much fucked, but I always assumed that it was obviously better to be the ant, which is what I tried to be in a way with my drawing, to keep working diligently even thought the call was there to go out and drink and see bands and such, to sing. Its a tough one because I guess I should have been the grasshopper, but still. Even though the art is pretty bad I like this because it shows I was thinking and trying which is important. I cant see a date on this but i'm guessing that it was done in 1994 and was one of the first strips I ever did, although i'm not sure. Again this was pre-internet so there was little to compare anything with and I probably researched the anatomy of the two insects quite thoroughly. I probably went all the way to the GOVERNEMENT LIBRARY to get some GOVERNEMTN SPONSORED books out on the subject which is why the insects look anatomically correct. Obviously I didn't get any books out on vegetation and grass as that all looks shit. Like with alot of my other strips I think its unfair to judge entirly from the final work as I imagine that the pencils would have actually looked quite alot stronger and more impressive, its just that the transition from pencil to ink would have lost alot of the quality. Its unfair, but reality doesn't take that into account, the end result is the end result and its technically crap. However, even now i'm shuddering at the thought of doing a comic about an ant and a grasshopper. To do it right would require all sorts of strange angles and getting the anatomy right would be a real challenge. It would really have to look like the nature sketches that people do, the technical illustrations of flora and fauna and such, either that or some strange characterisation of the ant and grasshopper. Again, as far as comics go, its probably worth reading if your aspiring, if your on the same road I was, to see that it does get better. I think artists have a deeper respect for the proces of trial and error in other peoples work. I think one of the things I moved on to from here was steadier and heavier line work. I made a concerted effort, not so much straight away, but a while later, maybe a year later to do all line work in a heaveir weight. At some stage I went around everything I did in a felt pen, the main outline of characters and such because one thing that stands out here is the painfully thin linework in some places.

Still, it is a favorite, so thats that.