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Footnotes: This was done one afternoon in California at a place Isometimes go. I did it on a whim really. Well, I quite often have thoughts and I like to note them down, and I thought or realised that we are all going to die, well thats obvious, but moreover that its really the little things in life that make it all worth while. Thats what this is about really. I did it on a peice of American sized photocopy paper which is why the proportions are odd (if you check them). It all reads quite well even now. I didn't mean to use it in Galumph it was just to fill a bit of time and to build on from a good idea. I think that really thats the essence of life, seeing things that make it worthwhile. Like parents are usually quite happy because they have children, they can see things that are appealing, they see their children play, they see them learning, growing. All a single guy sees if death, the colour of his own wall paper. But amongst that death there is always something that will make it worth while. I'll bet even the jews looked up into the sky once in a while while in Belsen and saw great things that lifted their spirits. Its strange what makes you feel good as well, just incidental features, something that reminds you of something good, something unpredictable, a passing girl, the mannerisms of a stranger, a building that looks homely, I dont know. Mostly its quite predictable, but even here and now I know that those incidenals are fewer and far between than ever before as the hand of god and man becomes ever clearer to see in this deiseased world.

As a comic its not that strong, but as a sort of poem its quite nice, it works better if you just read it and look at the images to support the mental imagry you conjour up, the ryhme and rythem of it all. And I like to think that this comic makes it all worth while, because art can do that. You see a drawing, a book, and it changes everything, makes life, for a moment, europhoric. Like when I read Martin Eden, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest and Farewell To Arms. Each of those books really changed me for a moment. I can remember walking about in the middle of the night, or rather the very early morning reading One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest amzed at what I was reading, I couldnt stop reading it, I felt like I was on a magical journey and I didn't want it to end, like with every page I turned I knew at some point the adventure would end and the journey through TRUTH and PERSEPTION would soon be over. It was an amazing feeling. And its little things like that that really work for me. But that as a perception in its own right was new to me. Like when Robert Crumb talks about his depression and how he found it so hard to contemplate that it wouldn't last, that it would all be over in a few days, that in a weeks time he would feel differently. If you follow on from that train of thought you end up with the inevitable fact that there will come again moments of great realisation. However, waiting for that will take forever. Or seem like forever, so long that you will forget. Afterall, you cant go through life ever watchful for that next moment of Eureka, life just doesn't work like that. So thats that.