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Footnotes: Again, the perfect page in my eyes!!!!! I love it. The thing about the book was that it really upset me, they Martin Eden ends as a book, I was sort of running around saying NO, NO, this cant happen, I didn't want to read any further, but I could tell as the amount of text left became less and less that the end was certain but still you want to read the last few pages again and again to make sure you read it right and that he's not actually still alive or something. I really wanted to capture that end, and one thing I sort of noted was that it was a very sudden end, it happens so quickly. On a personal note, my actuall interpretation of the end was a lot grizzlier than the books simple narritive lets on. In the book as in the comic, he forces imself under water, but I bet that the auther really meant to convey the notion that as soon as he went under the first time he found the urge to live again, the moment he knew, but....... it was too late, the auther made it clear that no one could hear him that he was 500 miles from shore. I dont know, but either way, it's a terrible end, narritivly speaking. Mr Eden, my best work ever!!!!!