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Footnotes: Mr Eden is essentially my adaptation of Jack Londons novel, Martin Eden. I have changed the title for the hell of it, all the names are changed, not for copywright purposes, but so it is clear that I have changed things. After all, it is set in 2004, not 1904. 100 years have pasted. So instead of Martin Eden, or in this case Bob Eden trying to write poems and sonnets for newsp[apers, he's trying to create web comics, and it's web comics, not modern literature that Ruth, or in this case Beth, really loves. In order to understand the full complexities of the piece you really need to have read the book. But basically in the book Martin Eden is a seaman who is introduced to a girl and he falls in love with her and in order to win her hart he atarts writing so that he can produce something to impress her. In the end after years of struggle, he becomes famous and then kills himself, but key to understanding the novel is understanding the desire to create beuty. The idea of beauty through out the novel constant. Ruth is the highest form of beauty he knows, he sees beauty in the poems he reads, and it is the struggle to create that beuaty that the novel is all about. This novel is spot on, the arguments and questions are without flaw and when you consider that the novel is 100 years old, you will be in awe at it's exact handle on the human condition, or at least the human condition in an intelligent person. It keeps reffering to intelligence, Martin Eden longs for intelligent company, people that understand higher beauty and have opinions. It's actually Jack Londonds own story, and in a sense it's mine. And I make it my story in my comic version, although I doubt that either the fame aspect will come true or the suicide part. I'm really going for the contemporary feel, reffering to modern day stuff like the Comics Journal, Brubacker and Roberson as substututes for Spencer and Marx. This is an exciting piece for me and I really hope I do it well. The first page has had the main panels annd text inked. Next I do the pencils and ink. This piece is actually for Almost Normal Comics, and if they accept it, it'll be printed and distributed around america.

I love this story. I would recomend everyone did a comic about their favorate story because unlike writing your own first time sure suck script, you can pick something you know will be a winner. I dont like the way I drew Beth in the first two panels. Just a few extra moments and I could have made sure she was perfect. Still, I love the way the story develops. I relate to this story as it is so well, not that i've had the same drivers, but just because, I mean I do feel ike i'm driven by a passion. I love the way the conversation at the dinner table soon gets round to web and mini comics, makes me laugh out loud, well almost, it's so absurd!!!!! I love the detail here, like i've said the only er is the way I drew Beth. Back then I paid equal attention to everything, like I would be as worried about the dining table being correct as I would about Beth being correct. These days I actually prioritise the details of the central characters. I still look out for other stuff, but I pause alot more often with the central characters.