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Footnote: This is a very exciting piece for me. I've always fancied drawing an M51 or something of that nature and the idea of having one at home seems so ridiculas that I couldn't resist it. I first discovered the M51 Quad as a respons to a thread on a message board entitled shooting fish in a barrel. I figured that i'd need a suitable fire arm and surfed the internet and found this. It was described as being a very useful infantry support weapon also know as the vacuum cleaner due to the way it visible flattens swayths of vegetation as the gun is fired across an area. As well as infantry support it is aloso useful for taking out lightly armoured vehicled, trucks, cars and stuff, as well as anti aircraft. They used this gun in the second world war mounted on the back of half tracks and also mounted on the side of battleships and stuff. The Quad mounting obviosly making aim a little easier. Personally I would like to see this mounted inside the house of parliment and opened up. I dont think it would take more than 5 minutes to remove about 400 criminals from the face of the planet and it would be a good use of ammunition. For real M51 nerds, the technical set up of the M51 is not as it appears in the comic. I spent about 5 hours surfing for a good image and I couldn't find anything other than a few models and some distant black and white shots from the second world war. As such I made it up, plus, it was really really hard to get the perspectives right, I had to actually to preliminary sketches in order to get a handle on how to draw such a thing, and all the original images showed it mounted on a vehicle or such so the base is entirely of my own making. But really, I thnk I have impressed myself. I think I have achieved exactly what I set out to achieve and i'm actually quite happy with this. I'm not too confident with large imagines because the exactness of the single image has to be so much better. With a page with 10 panels for example, the overall impression is the sum of all the panels, so you can chance that some art whilst poor will be balanced out by good art etc, but when you only have one image, that one image has to be right. Theres nothing i'm not happy with, except the lower font. I didn't care for measuring it all out like I usually do so I thought I would chance it all to eye, and I think in retrospect it all looks a bit od, still, its legible. I did contemplate doing it in a computer font and cutting and pasting, but i'm such a traditionalist that I couldn't face straying from the path, even if a computer font would look better.