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Footnotes: I think anyone reading this story will probably consider me sick, and whose to blame them. However, of all the many things I try to achieve through my work, one of them is to focus on stuff that other people cannot. I have a skill and a talent which has a value and what I do with that, and to what effect is something I am very much aware of. In short, there are not alot of people that could do this sort of piece. Most people would have too much to loose. Merely to suggest murder as a course of action in the first place is to some extent socially acceptable. In my defence I always site the film KILL BILL as a mainstream film with similar intent, and maybe i'm too close and i'm reading too much into the impact of this piece, but if a film like Kill Bill can be shown....

Anyway, when I used to work, and I wish I had never ever worked, I used t hate it. I used to come home EVERY day wishing death to someone. And whats the point in that? Theoretically you should enjoy work. However, I used to want to kill managers and co-workers all the time. It was my belief that they provoked me and if I did kill someone it would be their fault. There are legal defences associated with murder as a result of provokation. Anyway, I wanted to put a voice or express that pent up waste of energy. All those days hating and wanting to kill are a waste. However, the result is very real, and I quite often found myself forced to consider various methods of murder, it was like a forced day dream, like a Walter Mitty scenario only grimmer. And here is the result. And i'm sure that there are alot of other people out there who will like this story.

In regular society, in soaps, i'm sure the issue of not liking your job would be dealt with in a politically correct fashion, like preaching the ethics that people should forgive, or lodge a complaint or get even in a legal fashion, but I can think of nowhere where blatent assault is dealt with as a means to justice in this fashion, and why not? Above all, I think its funny. I think once you can get above the meaning of the content, I think most people will find this funny. This is a funny story, although there are elements that people will find repulsive. I had the choice for example to omit torture...... Well, theres a good torture scene in Reservoir Dogs, so I am justified!!!! lol...... Ack I could go on forever. In short this is a very powerful piece and one that will always be a bigger thorn in my portfolio than anything else, I imagine.