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Footnotes: Hah, this last page, I dont know what to say, I dont know why there is that stupid picture in the background.... It's almost more demanding then the main scene!!!! Anyway, I reintroduce the bell here. Initially there was supposed to be a cord but I thought it looked too much like a tiolet chain or a light pull. The fact that it looks like a dick now was something that I could both live with and was sort of happy to allow happen. Maybe the erotic weight of the bell is too great, but the point was that she holds the power to call the other girl into her room, she could do it, and she would have either gently touched a bell rope of a bell handle like a man touchs a button for a bomb or a trigger, she is contrmplating the power. I really like panel 9, I think I gor exactly the right proportion and feel I was looking for. I love the image of a sleeping girl and these last panels really work for me. Initially they all had their hands out of the linen, but I soon discovered that it was easier to pull the douvet right up!!!! So thats the story, and hopefully now the reader has a semi erotic memory that hopefully lies open for interpretation. I really like this story. The hardest thing is to sustain the progression, after all not alot happens. I think this story only works becaus it is so long, and the play of time is critical in the creation of the final effect.