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Footnotes: First thing you'll notice here is that the detail in the brick work and the shading is alot lighter. This was basically because because the last panel on the presceeding page was too dark. I dont like this page, I dont think it works that well. The idea is that you can see that the two girls go to bed, in seperate rooms. But more than that, I wanted to take the reader away from the image of the girls. Remember, i'm trying to create an experience here, and experience not dictated by words, but I was also striving to not dictate by image either, so here the reader can still see the girls, but the girls are actually in the minds of the reader, the reader is imaging the sequence of events here, and the reader is creating the perfect image of beauty in their own mind. Just a thought anyway, however, I also wanted to take the reader away from the girls as this scene represents a break in play from downstairs to upstairs, and further, I wanted to take the reader away from the girls so that they would look forward to seeing them again, which they can on the last row. And a final note. The last row shows the girl pontificating over locking her door. I dont think I need to explain that, but I thought it would add to the intrigue and suspense.