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Footnotes: Again here, i'm deliberatly trying to play with time, the repeated sequences with a relativly minimal change in expression is aimed at trying to put the reader in the room with the girl, to create a sequence where the reader can sort of bear witness to the activity of the girls. I fully intended this strip to be 6 pages, which I consider a luxery or extravagence, from the start. And I fully intended the strip to have one singular 'erotic' moment, that was still open for interpretation. Initially I was going to have the other girl squeeze the girls breast or lift up her skirt but I figured that that would give too much away, so here we see her touching her neck. I had a major problem drawing the hand and in fact rubbed it out at least 5 times. I'm not too good at drawing hands. Anyway, the idea is that the reader is supposed to think, hey-ho, hot lesbian action!!!! About time, but in reality it's...... Well, thats on the next page. I'd just like to point out as well that through out this strip I deliberatly and consiously kept the skin of the girls clear, theres very little toning or shading on the faces and exposed flesh of the girls. Usually I shade the cheek bones and stuff but I found in retrospect that that made the girls I draw look older and grimer, so here I am trying something new.