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Footnotes: This story is essentially designed as a rich adventure into the world of two beautiful girls. I found that I was more than twice as likely to read a story that had a few cute girls in it than anything else. But I also found that plots and story lines and indepth characters just got in the way of the looking at the cute girl sort of stuff, so I figured that i'd do away with all that and do a story with just the unadalterated cute girl content with an elaborate background with enough clues to allow the reader to decide whats going on and not be dictated to by the narration. I dont know how a reader would interpret this opening page. Of course the big problem is that I dont really have full control over the exact expressions, so where I intended the girl to be looking at the girl with the tea pot in a bland open expression, she actually looks a bit mean. I dont know, perhaps it doesn't detract too much.