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Footnotes: This comic was written for the WASP anthology and is designed to be printed in two books. One book is entitled heaven and the other Hell. I'm a bit concerned that either story will be read in isolation because they wont make alot of sense, but in Galumph they'll always be together. First thing to point out really should be that I spelt heaven wrong in the title. Weird really because when I penciled the title out I actually rubbed out the whole of the erroneous A and moved it about 5mm so that it looked right, kerning, but I didn't notice that the whole word was spelt wrong!!!! And of course I spelt it correctly in the opening line. Anyway, I love the art in this story, especially the last panel. I'm not so sure on the wording, the narritive was essentially contrived to fill the panels, so I had to think of loads of places Bob could be. The significance of all this is that I have to play from all that in the Hell version which is essentially a mirror!!! Anywa, like I say, I love the art, but this was before the time that I paid particular attention to the details of the girls faces and anatomy. Obviously I was aware of all that, but I paid it as much attension as say the background art. These days I double check each girl I draw, not the blokes, just the girls, just to make sure that they dont look stupid, for example in the third panel the blondes head is too big. I would have just rubbed out the whole head and done it again.