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Footnaotes: The first panel is important. As A comapny like Harte Hanks CRM Services UK dig in you become more and more repressed, depressed and introspective and get to wondering what life could be like. Like a life where you were surrounded by young people like yourself where you could meet people like yourself. One of my big angsts is when I walk down the road of life, everytime I see an indian girl or a black girl or some other foreign import I dont see a person, I see the result of a corporate/industrial/govenment system that has brought these people here and replaced what could have been a white person with something I cannot work with. Call me a racist, i'm not, its part of the Harte Hanks CRM Services Disease, but I have a a real need, a need for a girlfriend, and probably always will, and life is all about natural chemstry, meeting people at work, in shops, your neigbours, and if everyone was suited to my personal requirements it would be easy to develop a social life, but I cant becausae everywhere I go the white people have been replaced. Thats just part of it, in short, a major imapct is when I see a indian or black girl all I see is what has been stolen, and replaced. That for me is a major issue and in Harte Hanks they employ alot of indians and you cant deal with them, there is no common ground, they are the wrong colour. I need a white girl and they are not white. They are problems waiting to happen, time bombs. Its the Harte Hanks philosophy and the British Governemtns philiosphy to flood the cities with hal casts and disfunctional groups, divide and conquor, but those people will never be able to go outside the city, its hard to describe, but outside the city people are so different. So they re slaves, but back to the comic, she is reflecting on what it could have been like, or what it should have been like. Where she could have had friends that were like her. Its as simple as that, like a little girl that liked to play with her friends that has been transplanted to a death camp and cant find her toys and such. Its a terrible thing to describe.

The third panel is sort of something else that I cant describe, but they seem to have a familiarity with your history, like their minds have access to your memories and they activly try to associate themselves with those memories. All this will probably make me sound like a freak, but its all true even if the way I describe it makes it sound like shit. But they seem to have access to all your memories like the stuff you did as a child, or they can extrapolate and by association get a handle on what your familiar with. Like picking out names that you are familiar with, like the names of enemies from the past or the names of people that meant something to you. They make the names of enemies to be great people and the names of people you might have cared about to be shit and totally unwholesome people. The whole point though is ts not just guesswork, theres some higher level of intelligence. I cant really say much more than that else i'd be called a weirdo, but really, theres more to it, and they put it to good effect, destroting every good memory you have. Replacing averything with the shit that is them.

And of course the final panel shows her dead and them sayin g oh well, we can try again. Thats that, thats the way they see it, temporary employees, slave labour, hire and fire, maim and mutilate.

As a secondary footnote its wrth noting that I have been contemplating the introduction of a governemtn bill that officially recognises the term SLAVE and details what a slave is, ie, someone that cant afford to buy a house, someone that is dependent of labour, someone that gets a minimum wage, and all Harte hanks CRM Services UK employees get a minimum wage. Apart from the bosses who all live in big houses in the country, are arried to white girls and either have or will have children.

Also, as a punishement I want all HArte Hank CRM Services UK managers to marry someone of opposite ethnic diversity and to live in the centre o Slough or close to where all the foreign people live, and to have no contact with white people and to not be able to work ever again and have to sign on the dole for the rest of their life and to have a bone broken in the arm or leg that is not aloud to set properly. That would be the justice that I would offer them.

Also, it occurs to me that poeple might think im vindictive. I can see that point, after all , I have alot of other enemies from both before and after Harte Hanks CRM Services UK so why dont I focus onb that. Well I do, I prefer to target the Britsh Government as thats were the buck stops, however, I am particuly angered because now that I can see how society works I can see that Harte Hanks CRM Services UK had the ability to help me but that they went the other way and dammed me. More to the point really, the Britsh Governemtn had the ability to help me but instead dammed me. You also have to remember tat i'm not your average person, i'm highly capable which means that the game is different. Its hard to explain but its clearer when you show the same scnario with cute girls. Its clear that uly repulsive people should not go near cute girls, or at least should not force themselves on cute girls and then blame them for not likeing being raped. Isn't htat the big thing bhind date rape? Shouldn't there be something such as corporate rape or corpoorate murder? and shouldn't Harte Hanks CRM Services be punished accordingly. Of course its just me and i'm sure alot of people are just laughing. Persoanlly I dont give a shit about how stupid all this makes me look. If the world was how I like it there would be no discussion, people wouold see and understand and the isues would be resolved, and the dead bodies disposed of accordingly.