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Footnotes: As I have said in the other footnotes, this is all about my time at Harte hanks CRM Services UK which is part of a global data company called Harte Hanks which is a company of cunts. The top three panels are about how there was nowhere to go in the garden of shit because their world was disased and cankered. But they, or the Harte hanks CRM Services UK management thought differently, they devised a little cess pit where people could et the shit that comes out of vending machines or their pack lunch and listen to the TV and such. In fact, you were forced to go in there, either that or sit in the car park which is what I did for 3 years. But they would beat you for not wanting to join in. In the fourth panel they ask, do they smell, well of course, o them they dont smell, but I can see the injustice with my own eyes if I see a very attractive yet delicate girl, you can see that she doesn't belong in a warehouse packing boxes, even though people might ot like the fact that she might then earn millions being a model or such, the fact is that it is wrong to expect her to enjoy the base things they do. And in panel 5 they pla the trumpet, which is where they do things that 'technically' you should like. and they reinforce the action by saying 'isn't he great' when even if there was a sprout of pleasure, would still only want to die, like they miss the big picture, like German Guards putting on a commedy should for the Jews to lift their spirits. Its torture. In fact its enough to make you ill. And I was ill for a long period of time. Both physically but moreover pschologically. Its an illness bourne from not having any friends, not being able to o out, but at the same time having to put up with constant shit for your whole life. And the worst of it ll was that they continued, they carried on. They kept offering the same plate of shit and kept exclaiming their surprise that you wouldn't eat it. That you were at fault for not accepting their hospitallity.

All this said, its worth noting that this activity is not isolated to just Harte hanks, its prevelent through out much of British society, especially in the Government. In fact, the Harte Hanks CRM Services UK experience is pretty much the Britsh Way Of Life Experience.

Anyway, again and again they offer her shit and when she refuses it they beat her again and again and again and it just goes on forever. The strange thing was that I wrote this in 2001 and I didn't leave until 2003. I spent 5 years looking for any sort of decent work, but the system is set up so that the only skills you have are shit skills so that you cant get anything that isn't eating their shit. Escaping the tyranny of a company like Harte Hanks CRM Services UK is not easy. But thats all another issue.